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Posted 17 January 2023

500 Bonus Nectar Points on next £20 shop in store with SmartShop (Selected Accounts) @ Sainsbury's

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500 Nectar Points on next £20 shop in store with Smart Shop app or the handset. Check your emails to see if you have this offer..
Bonus Nectar points will be rewarded 28 days after your next SmartShop. One offer per Nectar account. Qualifying spend excludes tobacco and tobacco products, spirits, liqueurs and first stage baby milk.

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    I'm not using Smartshop any more, after twice having my bags emptied and carefully packed shopping turned upside down and all over the place because I 'might have overcharged myself', more likely that they don't trust people to use it without robbing stuff. If they want customers to use a system like this it should be foolproof and not be treating you like an untrustworthy criminal. (edited)
    All stores do random spot checks on self-scan shopping.
    Waitrose sometimes insist on a full trolley rescan through a manned checkout.
    They have to protect themselves against thieves, and random spot checks seems the most sensible thing to do.
    If they don't do it, we all pay higher prices to cover their losses to shoplifters.
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    Look out for random till-spit vouchers too.
    I recently got £5 off a Smartshop shop over £20. Voucher left behind by a previous customer, but it worked fine on my account.
    Yes that tricks been around a while.. I always have a sneaky look myself when at the Tills. The Voucher may well have another nectar card one but not had one yet not work on my own account.
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    Nothing is worth having to go through the palaver of using SmartShop. What an absolute waste of time. It's worked about twice for me. Most times it hasn't and I'm left there feeling like a right plum as I wait, and the whole line waits, for the supervisor to come across, scratch their head about where the shop has "gone", abort, and then I've got to stand there and explain that I actually get 20p off that tin of tomatoes or, 12p off a pack of apples.
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    I think smart shop works pretty well around 95% of the time for me. Gives you decent discounts on the stuff you buy. Great for checking prices if they aren't marked on the shelf. Remember those 15 packs of Cadbury mini rolls for 40p. I bought 20 packs in total due to scanning them with smart shop. As they weren't marked on the shelf.
    Also good for tasering people around the store if they get in your way.
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    One thing I noticed a while ago was that the bonus nectar point offers are only valid for 7 days now. They used to be valid for 8 days and the new smart shop price offers changed from Thursday to Friday. Sometimes it's worth waiting to see if you get bonus points and cheaper prices for the same items. I love it best when you get reduced items that are included in your points offers.
    I noticed the same a while ago.
    Nectar bonus point offers used to refresh at 10am and overlapped with the previous week by nearly 2 days.
    Now they refresh at midnight and only overlap by 1 day each week.
    I often get SmartShop offers that double up with Nectar bonus points, so it's always worth waiting.
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    I must be tired I read the logo as "scum bag go"
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    Can't get it to work these days. Always spits out an error.
    Use the handset in store I do. this offer is valid on that.
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    Smart scan is very good. Sometimes the network stops working & you have to queue at normal check out or self service. I had to use self service yesterday & it was so long winded as barcodes didn’t work. Made me appreciate smart scan. Although the refund coupons don’t scan so have to ask staff to manually type in.
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    They should just cut this and do nectar prices. Like tesco.
    Why? The offers they do are on the stuff you buy so will vary between customers. That's why it's a good idea imo as you get extra points and cheaper prices on the things you buy. And in some cases the nectar points you get back can be worth more than the price you paid.