Free bottle of "for goodness shakes"
Free bottle of "for goodness shakes"

Free bottle of "for goodness shakes"

Go to forgoodnessshakes.com fill in your details and wahay a free bottle for you.

Comes in various flavours, quite good for a nutritional sports drink I would have to say : heres the sites description:
"For Goodness Shakes!®

* The UK's 1st great tasting sports recovery drink
* New Organic VanillaBean and SuperBerry flavours
* Great tasting, healthy nutritious snack
* A low-fat milkshake containing NutriMix®, a sports blend of 23 vitamins and minerals, made from all natural ingredients containing no artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners
* Provides all the materials that the body needs to rebuild after exercise
* Developed to taste great available in 4 flavours: BigBanana, GreatChocMalt, SuperBerry & Organic VanillaBean"

Also on the site you can register for another free bottle if you are part of a sports club and they have an address this is under "club sample" in the site. Not sure if you can do both at once though!
My first deal - hope its a good one


We are looking to support elite athletes, … We are looking to support elite athletes, sports teams and clubs in the UK. If you are an elite sportsperson or a member of a top club please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch via email. Please note - we cannot send out individual samples to everyone due to the high traffic on our site and we'll need to vet your request.

looks like that link might have been from their old site. Link in new (much more user friendly) site is ]here

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The link you provided is for the club sample, i think - correct me if i'm wrong, where you have to provide a club address.

Whilst they are constructing their new site a form is the first thing you see when you go to [url]www.forgoodnessshakes.com[/url] and does not require a club address!

these taste like ass they have all powder in them. i got one last time they did samples and emailed them and told them what i thought and they never got back to me or anything.

Cheers for that, sent off for it.

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Im sorry you think that!

As for powderyness??? I havent noticed that ever, and have been drinking them for a while, they do taste great IMO for a nutritional sports drink with nutrimix in!

For a drink with nutromix they taste good, as a milkshake... they dont so dont get them unless you need/want them. I like the vanilla one.

Damn you beat me :(.
Good post though

Beat me too!

i got my voucher but wont be geting one just usng it as money off somethign else. as i hate them the one i had, had powder all in it and left bad after taste.

got mine the other day too, used it of course ^^ i love these ...

hot link

Nice post :thumbsup:

Heat added

cheers mate !!!

received mine today !!

Received my voucher and went to get one the other day. They're bloody gorgeous!
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