Free Box of 20 SlimArt weight loss tea bags.
Free Box of 20 SlimArt weight loss tea bags.

Free Box of 20 SlimArt weight loss tea bags.

SlimArt is a premium weight loss tea which aims to assist with losing unwanted fat!!Specially formulated with antioxidants which help protect cells from irregular metabolism.

might be a load of mumbo jumbo but worth a try!!


Thanks for posting

welshy x

al give it a try cheers..

;-) Oh well, might as well try this. Thank you yellowlegs for this posting.


thank u

...losing unwanted fat!...

Don`t have any of that. :-D

But, free tea is free tea.

Heat & Rep left.


Boiling hot from me.....



Thanks heat added anybody fancy a cuppa!:whistling:

thank you

H + R added nothing better than a free cuppa or twenty


Don`t have any of that. :-DBut, free tea is free tea.Heat & Rep left.

ditto! everything else is giberrish


Thanks have ordered. Worth a try.:)

Great deal! Hope it actually tastes like tea... lol


Great deal! Hope it actually tastes like tea... lol

Unlikely, I'm afraid, as it is herbal apart from anything else ;-)

I have ordered some, thanks OP, as that well know supermarket says, every little helps.....


Is there any truth in this claim in for a penny into lose a few lbs

[COLOR="Red"]Hot Hot Hot & Repped [/COLOR]

hey free tea not bad

Are these the type which basically make you [email protected]?? You get chinese ones which are laxatives

I'll risk acup of tea

well TBH I could do with losing a few pounds,,,so thanks!

Good deal. I tried some Birt & Tang teas a while back and they were horrible though (sawdust in a bag basically) so be warned!


anything worth trying to lose weight at the mo x

nice 1

Form still there but needs a page no

Anyone still interested, page number is 4 apparently (after a quick Google).

Link not working for me.....

What is the weight? before you can request it , you have to confirm the weight of the tea bags-what did you lot put????

Says 36g at the bottom in the terms and conditions.


Has anyone got these? Do they taste alright?


It'll probably give you the runs therefore you lose weight :P

Register to previous post and still waiting for the items from birt and tang

primarily a email hoovering exercise for birt and tang

all boxes have gone - you only get 1 teabag -

should be expired

i just received a whole box today too, lucky me..have to say not bad. I phoned them to ask how likely it would be a few days ago to get 1 and apparently if you don;t get a whole box you get a tea bag and a 50% off coupon....wouldn't mind getting that code???

Heat added, thanks for this, love free tea!
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