Free Box of Thorntons Chocolates
The Irongate Group challenges you to save money on your office supplies.
Answer 4 simple questions to find out just how much.

Before taking the Irongate Challenge please complete the following details to ensure you receive your FREE Box of Thorntons Chocolates.


nice deal thanks

Original Poster

Your welcome

Some background on how I found this, a company I was at was dealing with a mailshot advertising the free chocolates for the company and were sending them round hundreds of local businesses.

Nice deal, rep added thank you

Great, thank you.

thank you:thumbsup:
Hope I get some love Thorntons

heat applied just trying to suss out how to add rep
rep added sussed it lol


nice one, thanks rep+heat added

Requested some for my "Home" business.... rofl

Nice offer

thanks heated and repped

Gone for this. Thanks! Added heat and Rep for good find


It's stopped working with a 404, the page above that shows a login sign, and the main page shows an 'under construction' sign.

site down link no longer working .initially got to next step and page not there , now whole thing not working. Might be later but for now site is down.(well it is for me)

Link not working

link still not working at 09.26 GMT

Not working at 09:31

the link no longer working

dam it!

yeah would be gr8, but not working

same link isnt working, ive tried going through it on google but it still doesnt work ;-)



Requested some for my "Home" business.... roflNice offer

me too ;-)

They have pulled it probably, main site works, the challenge does not - strange!

same her... limk not working anymore ... shame
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