FREE Boxed In iPhone APP

FREE Boxed In iPhone APP

Found 11th Sep 2009Made hot 12th Sep 2009
Don't hurt me!!!

This great little game is FREE at the moment.... And only for a limited time too (or so it says on the application). Just go to itunes or the app store and download. The full game is free.

Heres a little description

Boxed In is a new logic based puzzle available in the App Store that pretty much encompasses all that a logic puzzle should be. Boxed In has increasingly difficult levels with a simple objective made challenging by specific rules of limitation.

With Boxed In you get 50 levels that feature a quirky little robot that must collect cog wheels before exiting each level. You control the robot, who is limited to only pushing, not pulling, the boxes that stand in his way. Maneuvering around the puzzle board, players have to use the boxes to toggle switches that disengage force fields blocking the way while still collecting all the wheels.

I think its a great little game. I'm not sure when it ends though.




Thanks for the heads up

iPhone has turned into my most used gaming platform thanks to an abundance of cheap games Even the top stuff like Blades of Fury is only £3.99!

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I know, I think I have persuaded a work colleague to get one just for the games


Cheers, just got my 3GS yesterday:)

Looks good Thanks for the find

Thanks. Just given it a try. Not a bad little game, perfect for a spot of time killing on the train

great for free but i get frustrated at this at times


Yay, thanks!



"The item you've requested is not currently available in the UK Store"

Sad smiley face.

[EDIT]: Updated link...

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[EDIT #2]:

Enjoyable (& free!) version of old favourite "]Sokoban".

Thank you.

Heat added.


thanks a lot!
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