Free Bread & Milk for KwikSave Customers

Free Bread & Milk for KwikSave Customers

Found 1st Jun 2007
Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th June, Asda will be inviteing KwikSave customers to there stores with the temptation of a free 2 pint bottle of milk and any 800g loaf of bread from the bakery. To get your free milk and bread all you need to do is bring in a old recepit or a carrier bag.

No Purchase nessacery, hope this helps someone

EDIT: Also forgot you will also get a free bag for life
- arronc
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Great freebie.... But kwiksave shut a while ago near me.... no idea where nearest ones are now....
Then it's wombling time (if it was recent enough)
is kwiksave now part of asda?
no but its trying to steal its 2% of customers,
gr8 offer but no Kwik Save near us,as it closed down :-(
KwikSave announced yesterday that they're closing a LOT of their stores as of today, so Asda will be trying to pick up the customers who used to shop at a store that's being closed. A shrewd and slightly patronising gesture, I'd say, but a freebie is a freebie.

Hopefully, Asda will also find some jobs for the hundreds of KS staff who turned up at work today and discovered their shop had closed down. I can't even imagine how rubbish that must be.
Thanks for this arronc, talk about taking advantage of a situation though!

As jonneyt said hope they poach ex-Kwik Save staff like they are ex-Kwik Save customers. But I suspect not.

Heat added
yes that was my first thought, taking advantage, but nothing surprises me no more!
well ill be making a trip to the kwiksave down the road from me. carrier bags only cost a penny (or 3p for the stronger ones:) ) so asda are gonna give me that lot for a penny. sweet . so when gramps goes on about a pint of milk and a loaf for under a shilling i can pee on his bonfire
I know loads of Kwik Saves that closed down, think they closed out in Scotland about 18 months ago, and rest of UK in last few months.
oppsie i forgot u will also get a free bag for life, will amend post
Free bread and milk on a this some sort of biblical related gesture?
we still have a kwik save - used to be somerfields, then it changed a few months back, and to be fair the place is awful - the shelves are always empty - cant buy loo roll or ketchup, basic things like that.

i have loads of kwik save bads, but no asda to get to lol.
Kwiksave near me closed last year and reopened as somerfield
We have a Kwik Save across the road from us, which gradually over the last couple of years has gone right down hill, I expect it to close very soon.

However, i'm not desperate enough to make a trip to asda with a carrier bag for 2 pints of milk and a loaf even if it is free!

Kwiksave bags are collectors items now, Asda will be selling them on Ebay
Double post sorry......... :oops:
What defines you as a kwik save customer lol?

could you not just turn up for your free bread and milk?
would be nice if people on low incomes/familes got this deal; i do wonder about others on this site;also a lot of people from Kwik Save will lose their jobs

Kwiksave near me closed last year and reopened as somerfield

Same here in Nottingham, they knocked the old kwiksave down and rebuilt it to somerfield.

What defines you as a kwik save customer lol?could you not just turn up … What defines you as a kwik save customer lol?could you not just turn up for your free bread and milk?

I was thinking along the same lines of pet3r ..... - do you have to prove Kwik Save custom?

Does mum, dad, son & daughter count as 4 customers and naturally 4x the freebies - once at 11am with maybe a repeat at 3pm!!

My local Kwik Save became a Budgen

I remember the days where a can of own brand 'orange soda' was selling for a remarkable price of 13p!

Kwik Save in London to my knowledge were always located in town centres which helped people like me who don't drive a lot (may my Ford Escort RIP)....... All the Asda's near me are in bespoke centre's with very inconvienient transport links if you do not drive!
Shame on ASDA


Cheap Stunt & in poor taste.
what happend was kwick save sold most of there stores to somerfield and then kwik save (wich is owned my different pople) a whole new company (call kwik save) bought some stores back, but they didnt have a clue what they were doing they even bought stock from the cash n carry didnt even have a depo so there selling most of the stores so they dont go bust
We have a Kwik Save near us and it is pathetic, quite sad though really. Barely any stock at all but suprisingly it isnt closing!.... yet. I asked them what was going on about 4 months ago when it suddenly went bad and they told me the owners couldnt get credit to buy stock!

Its a shame. Local places like Kwik Save etc are very important for people who dont have cars and/or cant get around easily. They just cant compete with the likes of Asda and Tesco anymore and yeah those are poorly located.

And the government wonder why we wont get out of our cars :?

Shameful Asda... shameful
The people who supplied Kwik Save with milk etc have apparently refused to supply them any more 'cos KS haven't been paying their bills!

Hence, no milk etc in KS and Asda offering it free of charge!

If anyone is shameful it's KS who deliberately haven't been paying the farmers what they are owed!
ther used to be 5 kwicksave shops in my home town but they all somerfield now bought them out about a year ago so why asda trying to steal custormers from a supermarket that no longer exists
Kwiksave closed near us aswell along with half the other shops in town, after the massssssssive tesco opened...used to love kwiksave used to be less than a minutes walk...ahwell...good deal nevertheless
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