Free Breakdown Cover when I renewed my Insurance @ Swinton Insurance
Free Breakdown Cover when I renewed my Insurance @ Swinton Insurance

Free Breakdown Cover when I renewed my Insurance @ Swinton Insurance

Free breakdown cover - discovered this when I renewed my Insurance with my local branch.

Sorry, free for 3 months & can chose any level of cover. After 3 months have to pay but can get it free without any other policies with them for the 3 months


Not exactly free. You have to take out their insurance.

I got that included wih my Honda for the first three years.

Esure sent me vouchers for one car wash per month for the 12 months insurance.

Nothing in life is free..... Especially from a financial company. They just load a cheap breakdown recovery cover on the price. You can probably get cheaper, much cheaper, if you shop around and use quidco/TCB. I know the AA was working out at about £9 with Quidco quite recently.


Nothing in life is free.....

I agree but when its included in the price of a new car.......

Handy bonus if you were going to take out the insurance anyway, but fee breakdown cover will probably be the most basic cover and won't include homestart or recovery to destination of your choice. They'll try to sell you more cover after you take out your policy or you'll end up paying more if you need to use the free cover.

Haha. Swinton, just had a renewal quote off them for £755 with a new insurer, as the one i've had for the last 5 years they don't deal with anymore, which at that price is a little over twice last years price. The guy said insurance has gone up around 40%, so where did his price get 100%!?
I got EXACTLY the same "new" company with another broker for £371......Leaves me £384 to find myself some breakdown cover. Think I can manage that, lol.


I hope you shopped around for renewal quotes as they are notoriously higher than new customer premiums

Mine was £180 for a year on renewal (up from £110) so rang the same firm as a new customer and got it for £87

I had car insurance with Swinton a couple of years ago. All they did was call me weekly trying to sell things. Told them not to but they didn't listen. Got rid of them after the insurance ran out!
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