Free Breakfast Pack with money off coupons + recipe card

Free Breakfast Pack with money off coupons + recipe card

Found 28th Sep 2006
Everybody's different in the morning and we all need different things to help us get off to the best start. So why not take our quick fun quiz to find out which breakfast type you are and we'll give you some handy (and appropriate!) advice to help you make the most of your day.

You can also register to get a FREE Breakfast Pack with money off coupons, The Alpro Daily Decider newspaper, a recipe card and the chance to win tickets to the amazing Eden Project in Cornwall.
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After answering the five/six questions fill in your details to request the sample. A promo code is not required.

I am Chirpy too!
Thanks. Just applied
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makes me seem organiesed despite forgetting everything in the morning
Chirpy thats me as well
I'm Chirpy too

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Hello Frantic!

No matter how early you set the alarm, you never seem to have enough time in the mornings.

You may make excessive use of the snooze button, are easily distracted and often wind up throwing yourself out the door without the most important meal of the day!

Ironically, your panic and consternation can be calmed by the very meal you miss out. Improved concentration, better mood and more energy are just some of the benefits of a healthy breakfast.

And it needn’t take time to get what you need. Alpro soya have a whole range of delicious, healthy alternatives to milk and yogurt that take only moments to devour. By whizzing some fresh fruit and Alpro soya into the blender you can give yourself a flying start in a matter of seconds.

For the best breakfast to suit every personality, please click here.

For more recipes, advice and to give yourself a Lifestyle Health check, visit the Alpro soya website by clicking here.

If you’ve enjoyed this light-hearted quiz, why not tell a friend about this site too? See if you know them well enough to guess what their result will be!

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