Free Brian Michael Bendis #1s digital comics @ Comixology

Free Brian Michael Bendis #1s digital comics @ Comixology

Found 1st Mar
With Brian Michael Bendis moving from Marvel to DC, his creator owned Jinxworld comic titles are also making the move. To mark the move, the first issue of 5 of his series are available for free at Comixology:
  • Brilliant
  • Powers
  • Scarlet
  • The United States Of Murder Inc
  • Takio
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I've only read the series Powers, but it is a pretty good read, but be advised Brian Bendis stories have a lot of dialogue.
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This bloke is one of the founders of SJW comics isn't he ? The loony that changed Iron Man to a 14 year old black girl ?
Who can't go on Twitter without screeching words that end ism and ist and phobic ?
He jumped before he was pushed from Marvel, apparently
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