Free Brush time App for kids

Free Brush time App for kids

Found 26th Jul 2014
This has been available for a while but I've only just been told about It can't see it's been posted on here before. Thought I would share incase there are other parents of children who dislike brushing their teeth!

Apps available to download for free on iPhone & Android

The child gets to pick a fun character, when brushing commences a 2 minute song entertains them for the duration of brushing. They are rewarded afterwards with stars which they can use to dress/accessorise their character.

After months of tantrums in my house at teeth brushing time I think this is fab, just keep your phone away from the toilet!
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my son and daughter love it
The web page seems to link to the USA Android version which doesn't work on my device (Nexus 7).
However, the UK version does.
Here is the direct link:…=en
and here is a direct link for the non-USA iOS version:…t=8

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Heat for promoting good dental hygiene for kids. But I see the cold voters are out voting cold for no reason but to give them a little kick.
ive had this for a few months my daughter loves it great app
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