FREE BT Home Hub
FREE BT Home Hub

FREE BT Home Hub

Free BT Hub until 29 Feb 08
Just vist bt.com/fre…hub


erm link doesnt work and looks like you need to order new BT broadband to get the free hub which is nothing unusual

they are free anways when u order broadband....

Until 29th February, the wireless BT Home Hub is now available with all broadband options. This offer is only available when you order online.

Waste of time

i would'nt take one even for free.

Had one before and gave poor results

Its not a good deal they provide you when you sign up a contract 12/18.


i would'nt take one even for free.Had one before and gave poor results

Had mine 6 months now, its been very good considering its free. No problems.

Not only have they been free for ages (when you sign up for broadband) but in my case they gave me two LOL

There seems to be some confusion here, with BT Total Broadband they only gave the wireless router free with Option 2 or 3, if you took Option 1 then you only got a wired router. Therefore, if you want to go for the cheaper Option 1 before the 29th you will get a free wireless router instead of the free wired router you used to get. Sounds like an OK deal to me!


The security on these by default is
1. BT engineers have access to your router remotely without your knowledge and so could access any internal resource you haven't protected.
2. They force software upgrades on it when they please, and don't see why they should talk to you about it
3. The wireless security settings are pitifully low - 64bit WEP. So anyone with only a little skill can get access to the internet by using your connection.

All in all they are a disaster, and as for getting support from Indian outsourcers with no knowledge and zero ability to actually change / fix anything, well you paid nothing so you got nothing.

Go to Zen / Be or anyone else, you'll save overall as the BT broadband offering is overpriced - don't take a free router just to be ripped off over 12 or 18 months.

had one of these and lasted less than a day, support rubbish, buy a proper router !!

Original Poster

Secutiry setting can be set to either WEP or WPA 64/128. Just enter setting and select your own secure password. Also SSID can be hidden.

Flash it with speedtouch 7g firmware. Great wireless router then!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Try ringing them for support 0800 800 150 but get a book or something to pass about a ****ing hour while you wait. Over priced and rubbish. I hate BT.


Yep you could change it - but they sell these to people who don't know how or why. Also if you change it then get problems the Indian 'support' will push you into a hardware reset so you're back to the pathetic 64bit.

I checked some local ones recently 50% had 64bit only.
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