Free Cadbury Easter Egg-A-Thon Pocket Games @ Facebook

Free Cadbury Easter Egg-A-Thon Pocket Games @ Facebook

Found 22nd Apr 2011
As part of their Spots v Stripes sponsorship of London 2012 Cadbury are giving away 5,000 free pocket games from some game design competition this weekend.

The first 4,000 entrants are guaranteed to get one, others put in draw.

You can enter on the 'Easter Egg-A-Thon' tab at either…ots or…pes

Think you have to 'Like' the page to enter


They've posted on Twitter to say only 1,000 claimed so far so if you claim now you'll be guarenteed to receive one!


I was one of the Matterbox testers, and the game was then only marginally the least worse of the 2 games being compared.

Having said that, I have applied just now for the current version, as the game might have some merit, especially if it has been improved and added to in the production cycle.

Possibly worth getting for train journeys for bored kids (for free anyway).

Might give you a few minutes peace if lucky.
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