Free Calendar Ontario Outdoor Adventures 2013 incl. delivery almost anywhere.

Free Calendar Ontario Outdoor Adventures 2013 incl. delivery almost anywhere.

Found 1st Jan 2013
A good quality calendar posted free to the UK or virtually anywhere in the world.

On taking down last year's one, I went to have a look if they are still doing this, and they are. So for those who have forgotten about it, or haven't seen this before, you can either add it to your cart to get the physical version, or download if you can't wait or just want to see what it looks like.

A minimum of details needed to register if you are doing this for the first time, and they don't bombard you with emails either, as some companies do. I think I've seen maybe 3 or 4 from them throughout the year.

On successful completion, you should see this:

"Thank you. Your request for travel guides has been successfully sent. Generally, deliveries by surface mail take approximately 5 -10 business days for orders within Canada; 10 - 15 business days for orders to the United States, and a minimum of 15 business days for orders outside of North America."

Credit goes to holly100 & ettienem1001 for posting previous ones.
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heat added,

ordered one for my dad, many thanks
Ordered. Thanks
Original Poster
Last year's was approx. 22" x 14" or almost A2 in size when open, but according to others that have already received it, it is about half that size now. It's now a lot smaller than my new 144,000 day Mayan calendar, but the pictures are nicer
Being registered already does not necessarily mean it will automatically be sent, so add it to your basket before they run out of stock if you haven't received one yet. I hadn't got one which is what prompted me to look through the archived freebies. Today, whilst checking for the size, I found several other sites had already posted this at least a couple of weeks ago, so I'm quite surprised it was not posted here by anyone before me. I think the frantic Flamedeer search must have worn us all out and we were "asleep at the wheel" on this one. But at least they're still available, if a little late.

An interesting factoid I heard this morning on BBC 3CR. This is the first year, since 1987 that no two numbers (or more) have been the same in the 4 digits representing the year as we know it. I think that's as good a reason as any to predict another "end-of-the-world" before 2020! Which reminds me...when you get it, don't forget to mark Feb. 14th - 16th as asteroid near-miss days

Happy 2013 y'all.

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ordered.... thank
just ordered thanks
Thanks so much OP...
I just threw away last year's Ontario calendar today!
Thanks... excellent find
Its a lot smaller than last years
I think if you are registered you get one automatically (I did)
Ontario, one of the most undiscovered parts of France
Magnificent, just what I've been looking for!
A picture for each month and a square for each day.
What more could you want for free!
Thank you
Ordered, thanks!
Thanks for the reminder. Got one last year as well.:)
Thank you. Ordered.
Nice one... thank you!!
Thanks, ordered mine.
good calendar i usually get one sent every year,but i did order one yesterday 1 jan just in case
Original Poster

Magnificent, just what I've been looking for!A picture for each month and … Magnificent, just what I've been looking for!A picture for each month and a square for each day.What more could you want for free!

Sadly, it looks like 50% less this year (not half a square or picture though, just smaller!)
Still same number of days
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thanks just ordered
Thank you
Nice find.
Thank you OP
voted hot
excellent thanks, heat added x
Thanks, just ordered one now.
cheers ive ordered it
Got it today! Thanks.
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Mine arrived today, and it looks like they've still got them in stock. I can confirm it's slightly smaller than a magazine this year, and the pages seem a bit thinner too, but still OK for a complete freebie! Thanks to everyone for voting.
ordered heat added
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