Free California Raisins goody bag

Free California Raisins goody bag

Found 11th Jun 2007
click on the orange banner at the top of the page

Use internet Explorer for this freebie


Huh? I can't see a banner on linked page......

Worked for me! Put address in the comment box on right of email page.

pavilion that the link but i cant see freebis

Same here

Round and round and round


nothing a con !!! to drive traffic ???

Original Poster


Use this link and put free goody bag in subject line and address in … Use this link and put free goody bag in subject line and address in large box!

Thanx harlzter & Predikuesi its good to see some of you know what your doing

Just tried this

harlzter - you really helped!

nice one harlzter

btw, that was for comments and queries, unless the op replies with an actual link i have doubts over the existence of such a deal, could find nothing about it on the site.

Just repped your harltzer and added 3 boxes to your rep

Just done, following instructions as per Harlzter, thanks :thumbsup:

Worth a try I guess.....nothing to loose!

When the OP first posted this it took you to a page that linked to the one i have now linked too so this is just an alternative way of getting there, the site appears to be poorly constructed but from the who-is info it appears genuine! Hope this clears things up.
PS thanks for the rep Kelly_o_Fanatic. Its nice to knopw that i have made some helpful contribution!
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