Free Call of Duty 5 Beta Keys [360]
Free Call of Duty 5 Beta Keys [360]

Free Call of Duty 5 Beta Keys [360]

Says it all, roughly 15000 left.


ARRRGGGH i've registered with site but everytime i try to log in I just get a blank white screen

On IE it comes up with internal server error, anyone else get this? Ive confirmed registration in the email, and if i enter the wrong password it will come up with the different page for forgotten password.

Codes are ticking away, stoopid eurogamer site, i've read that others have had the same problem when trying to get the codes, it can''t deal with the amount of traffic

Voted hot, was about to post this myself.

Why oh why are people voting cold? This is a free beta of the new Call of Duty game. F R E E.

Managed to get one, thanks

Finally!! lol yay...

Cant get on the site, what a surprise, lol.
Thanks for the heads up, will keep trying I guess.


Finished now, didn't manage to get one

Most frustating hours I've spent



I got one! Happy days!!!

Its bloody hard!

It's like COD4 good game though

im awaiting my gode from GAME darn it

Can someone please give me one as I have been waiting ages for one. I tried to get one but they ran out

we got one from the call of duty website
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