FREE Call Of Duty Black Ops Female Avatar Items!!!!!
The limited edition of Call of Duty Black Ops included a code for avatar clothing, but for male avatars only. Due to complaints from female gamers who bought the limited edition Activision have released a couple of multi use codes.

These are for use for female avatars only, and even work if you don't have a Gold membership:

Black Ops Flight Suit

Woods Outfit

Either enter on the dashboard, or via live.xbox.com/en-…ken (Copy and paste!!)

Thanks to the CheapAssGamer forum for these.


Great stuff, thanks!

anyone know the male codes

not working 4 me

35 gamerscore for xbox 360 gamers


anyone know the male codes

A little tip, make a female avatar! i did it & my conscience is in tact plus i now have 2 free avatar outfits!!! ;0)

Cheerz OP!!!
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Brilliant, thanks!


anyone know the male codes

There is no male codes mate.


There is no male codes mate.

There are. The ones in the limited edition, hence why female avatar items have been provided to address the imbalance of not proving women who purchased the Limited edition of Black ops an equivalent to the male clothes etc.

Seems like Xbox have realised that alot of people are using the code.
It now says the codes have already been used D:
Doesn't work

whats an ops????

it wont let me any body know why, it says already been used ....?
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