Free caller display from BT if you opt in to the free Privacy at Home service (includes registration for the telephone preference service and great for avoiding unsolicited calls) Saving £3.30 a month

Free caller display from BT if you opt in to the free Privacy at Home service (includes registration for the telephone preference service and great for avoiding unsolicited calls) Saving £3.30 a month

Found 3rd Mar 2013
I moved home not long ago and went with BT after being with virgin media for years (not by choice, simply virgin cables don't go where I am now), I never got around to setting up caler line identity.

A few days ago we got a new home phone and I decided to give them a call to set it up, initially the automated service said that it cost £3.30 a month or something like that. However the system then went on to say that if you opt in to a service they call BT Privacy at Home it is free.

The family protection service means that they will register you with the TPS (telephone preference service) which is a service run by the direct marketing association and will prevent unsolicited calls from sales companies and charities etc. This is something that I always register with anyway and have personally found it to work.
the family protection service also offers free caller line identity, however there is a caveat that you make at least two chargeable calls a month. These calls can be as part of your bundle if you have evenings and weekends or a similar package, however they cannot be 0800 or emergency service calls.

This may be common knowledge however it was news to me and hopefully may help others who are with BT and pay for the caller display service.

I set this up by calling 100 from the phone, however it can also be set up online via the go to deal link here.

Please see the link to the privacy at home faq for any questions, it is kindly linked to in post #2 by stealthx.
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Has been a long standing deal (July 2005)
- and a good one that is not regularly promoted
unless you are looking at BT's 'paid for' feature pack pages
so worth a reminder

- free basic voicemail (cannot customise the answering message - that is in the paid for one)
- Caller ID

FYI: Originally the chargeable calls are per billing period,
so if you are on qtrly billing still, it is 6 calls per qtr (anywhere in the qtr)
if you are on monthly billing, it is 2 per month (just watch out for Holidays away).

or you will be charged (that month or qtr) - depending how your billing is done.

The 2/6 qualifying calls can however include the 'inclusive' free calls eg weekend ones,
that would otherwise have been chargeable - if not inclusive.

if you are on a BT line, but selected another provider,
you can still force you 2 calls back onto BT using code 1280
See BT Privacy FAQs…tml

Signed up for this over 5 years ago. Have not bothered reading their new terms and conditions for this offer but when I signed up it was free with no strings attached. Fast forward a few years BT then decided to start their scam, as anyone who was carrier pre select eg talk talk for call charges (I still paid line rental to BT at this time) They changed the conditions of it being free so that you had to make 6 chargeable calls on the BT network. Ok then that means 24p to 60p a quarter instead of free and instead of full charge of £1.75(irc) a month for the service if it had not been free.

So dial 1280 to override Talk Talk network / billing and use BT network then when you get you bill you might notice something called a one off charge of £5 then the bill after and after (this one off charge seems to be a re-occurring charge) it's because the 1280 override does not work and therefore you can't make the minimum number of chargeable calls to enable the free Caller Id, then they charge you £5*
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Thanks for this OP I've been paying for caller Id for years, now going to phone my mum and tell her about it because she does'nt have caller Id and I know she would like to have it. Thank you
The TPS doesnt stop all nuisance calls. Ive been registered for years yet STILL get plagued by numpties. Its an almost daily occurrence.My number is exdirectory as well. I keep having to make complaints to TPS but they say they cant stop all calls. I personally think the TPS is a waste of time.They want a companys name but most of the time its automated calls so you never get that company name which of course means TPS cant do anything.
^charities / and overseas exempt
Keep an eye on your phone bill. I first enabled this service a few years back but then noticed I was starting to get charged for it because they had changed the rules but had not inform anyone. After that when they charged me again I got them it turn it off.
By the way. Sky offer free caller display and the last time I spoke to Virgin they told me they could offer it for free also.
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Talk talk offer free caller display also.
Hi just to say the TPS doesn't really work, its still a good thing to sign up as it probably filters some of the spam calls out, however if used in conjunction with a CPR callblocker, available on website and eBay for about £40, will filter even more.
BT aren't doing enough to protect its customers or interconnect customers, all they want is money.

Another way to solve this spam or cold call problem is to contact your local MP, and suggest that any tick box on a website you should always opt in if you require the additional services or products, it would be the same condition as you tick the T&C box where its always opt in, plus plain English used, not this tongue tied lines, as in if you don't want us to contact you un- tick this box, followed by if you want this product please don't tick this box, totally confusing.

I hope my feedback is of some help
I got the CPR callblocker really is good don't have any spam calls as yet since I fitted the device over 3 months ago well chuff rest at peace.
I can't seem to find where to sign up to this for free - It seems to want to charge me £3.30 / month? Sorry if I am being stupid.
I had this service when I was with BT. The funny thing is that the worst offender was BT itself. I had to report BT for continually calling me and trying to sell me stuff despite being told not to.

I used to make 6 calls to a business with an answering machine the first weekend after receiving my bill. That way, the calls were free and I didn't have to worry about not hitting the six as most of my calls went through another company.
I decided not to use the TPS service as researching the issue shows there have been reports of people getting MORE calls once signed up to TPS, almost as if BT are selling the numbers on!
Thanks - wasn't aware of this. Hopefully it will be a help in reducing the number of cold callers. 1571 feature useful too.
FYI BT will be charging for this formerly free service from January 2014
Just had my letter from BT. Does this mean that if I do not pay the £1.75 per month, it will not show any numbers when I receive a call?

Just had my letter from BT. Does this mean that if I do not pay the £1.75 … Just had my letter from BT. Does this mean that if I do not pay the £1.75 per month, it will not show any numbers when I receive a call?

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