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Posted 6 September 2022

Fundraise and Get a Cancer Research UK Skipping Rope: Sign Up To Challenge To Raise Money For Cancer Research

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Free Cancer Research UK skipping rope

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    I have ordered the skipping rope. I wanted one for a while but don't want to pay over the odds. So one free is nice.
    I do a lot of skipping as part of my exercise routine and have spent way too much on different ropes, if you are looking to get into skipping then I would highly recommend the JR500 from Decathlon at £6.99. The rubber rope gives great feedback by whipping through the air.
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    It's actually for a fundraising drive, maybe don't order if your not going to raise funds, considering it's a charity. Didn't realize this till I ordered the rope
    Was it before or after you read Cancer Research UK in the title?
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    With all the money that goes towards cancer research you'd think there would be some sort of advancement in cancer treatments....Yet unfortunately so many people's lives are still taken away and ruined by cancer. I hate to say it but there will never be a cancer cure because the higher ups in these charities make too much profit from it! (edited)
    That is of course simply not true. Check your facts on the massive improvements in cancer treatments, and remember where the responsibility for funding research really lies. Not charities, but central government.
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    Please only order these if you’re actually going to fundraise or donate to the charity; otherwise you are essentially taking money from a charity.

    With some of the characters I’ve seen on this website, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw these popping up on eBay or something (edited)
    just like the charity takes from volunteers and profits to CEOs (even with good intensions
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    I do hope that people aren't just grabbing these to milk a very worthy charity without any intention of repaying the cost via their intended use.

    You never know when you, a child, a parent or some other relative might need that charity.
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    You do know charities only give 1p out of every £1 donated to the cause ?
    Cancer Research is 81p / £1. Although the CEO is on 250k a year.
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    For years I've had a monthly standing order donation to Cancer Research and look what they do with it! (edited)
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    Nobody should be ordering these without committing to fundraising. Simple.

    The title of this deal should also say this is for fundraising.

    No excuses. (edited)
    What if it's a bad charity?
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    Brilliant. Just signed up the fat bloke from three doors down and the mother-in-law. (edited)
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    I prefer to donate blood for research rather than money. (edited)
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    York against cancer donated this robot to help surgeons. Without donations it would never have happened. 48175041-hHfOe.jpg
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    I am all for grabbing a freebie occasionally from a company that wants to use my data (or the data that I choose to give them ) for marketing purposes, etc. but please only order these if you are actually going to do something to benefit this charity.

    Even if a proportion of the donations goes on wages (which need to be competitive to attract the calibre of senior staff to make the charity successful), advertising and marketing (spend money to make money, promote public awareness, run fundraising events, etc.), or anything else you don't think is a priority, a large proportion still goes towards the intended purpose.

    If you don't donate anything then nothing goes to the actual cancer research. Who really wins then? (edited)
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    This website is appalling at times. Lots of greedy people who will have got this and won’t even use this or fundraise. Admin delete the deal
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    I wouldn't feel too guilty getting a skipping rope with these salaries

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    Accidently ordered. How do I cancel. Feel kinda bad now.
    Probably can't. Done a few quid to the charity instead!
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    I already skipped daily so I don't need a skipping break how are we raising money for this, getting sponsored?
    Yeah, commit to a certain total of mins etc and create a fundraiser
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    Ok so I've set up a funding page and raised a fair bit. But no sign of a skipping rope to do the challenge with. Anyone else short of a rope? Anyone got an email I can contact? The organisation of this is at best mediocre
    It might be a lot better than you think. Maybe they discarded all applications landing direct from HUKD. It would have made good sense, and it’s not an uncommon tactic.
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    The problem I have here is I've decided to do this for charity. I expected the money people sponsor me to be took once I've completed the task in November but no the money has already been took without me doing one skip. How is this right???
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    Urgent, has anyone recieved Their skipping rope yet to do the challenge? I signed up, people sponsored and cancer research have took the money before I've even got a blooming rope.
    I have not gotten mine yet. I will call CRUK to find out why I have not gotten mine yet.
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    No skipping rope and challenge starts on Saturday
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    Hi All I got my Skipping Rope This morning in the post. There must be a delay in postage on the amount of people who signed up. The Skipping Rope is not that long.i am 6 foot and I need to test if it is any good for me.