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Free Car Lamborghini Sián Roadster for Forza Horizon 5 [XBOX & PC Windows] @ Xbox

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About this deal

Santa Microsoft offer.

Check your Message Center "Gifts" tab to download. Make sure you restart your console if it's not showing up quite yet.

forza horizon on twitter: "dear forza horizon community, at approximately 12:31am pt (8:31 am utc) on monday, december 26th, we crossed 9 million cars gifted for secret santa. we did it. https//t.…ter


Xbox More details at Xbox
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    @flofulu you may want to alter the title its FH5 only as its part of the Festival playlist for the month as a reward. FH4 won't get new cars that aren't already part of the game. (edited)
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    Who'd have thought a free Lambo on Boxing Day, stuff of dreams.
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    Thanks for posting! I claimed in FH5, but this didn't show up for me in FH4 on xcloud.
    Its FH5 only as its a brand new car to the Series, so only FH5 gets new car updates. (edited)
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    I already own the real thing, in grey. Use it for the school run
    You must look so cute driving that to school, do you make vroom vroom sound effects to complete the show?

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    Thanks for posting, but I can’t find it. Where should I be looking? I assume “message centre” is Chat on the Xbox
    Yes its in the in game message centre. But this is FH5 only not FH4 as title suggests.
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    Meh, I've gave up on Forza as every car feels the same, just some are faster than others.
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    Is this petrol or diesel
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    How is this a deal? Its just an extra car that every player gets free anyway?
    Yeah, not really a deal since I don't even think there is a deadline for claiming the car. It'll probably be claimable via the in-game message centre even if you didn't realise it was there until Christmas 2023! As long as you're playing the game anybody will probably look in the message centre at some point.
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    so is this within the gift tab in the game? or within the messages app on the xbox home screen?