free cards, gel pens and teddy worth £44.95

free cards, gel pens and teddy worth £44.95

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hi first of all i just want to say sorry if this is wrong its my first post.
i seen this offer on another site and thought it was good enough to share here.

on you can claim this free welcome pack- 10 greetings cards, 3 gel pens, 12 divider cards and 2 calender sheets all in there own collection box. *also if you reply within you get a free Mowbray bear*

When you have received your free gifts, you decide whether or not you want to continue receiving greeting cards from Cards for all Occasions. If you do not wish to continue, just let them know within 10 days and they will stop future deliveries. The free Welcome Package is yours to keep whatever you decide.

If you decide to continue, you dont have to do anything. Each month you will receive 6 new top quality individual greeting cards for £7.30 plus £1.69 postage and packing. Always on 10 days approval. If you receive a card that you do not find a reason to use, you will always be able to return it to us and we will credit your account.

once again just want to say sorry if this is wrong


I'm not really convinced it should be in freebies as it could lead to a spend... do you have to enter CC details to get this?

EDIT - I don't think you do... might be OK here in freebies then

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once again - sorry if its wrong

I think if you don't cancel after you've received your freebies...they'll continue to send you more cards and this is OK only if you remember to cancel!

I sent for this a month ago. I got all the freebies as listed, free cards (v good quality), gel pens (still in pack unopened) and a free cuddly toy (v small but v v soft) and a box to keep all the cards in which is quite handy.

If you don't cancel they will obviously keep on sending cards and you don't get to choose them so you could end up with anything!

I've just received my first pack which I should pay for and I received one christmas card!, 3 female birthday cards, a new home card and I can't remember the rest.

It's good for a freebie but you do have to remember to cancel. I'm going to send the cards back and cancel as I prefer to choose my own cards to send.

If you do choose to carry on receiving the cards you do get the option to send cards back which you won't use (I think you get a full refund), but you have to wait until you have 6 before you can send them back (doing all this from memory which isn't the most reliable these days).

hope this helps.

No CC details required, you get a payment slip with your first selection of cards, you can then give them your card details or pay via cheque, postal order or whatever.

Free Teddy Bear, Card & Pens - wife's Birthday sorted then!

Received mine this morning, very good pack and will find a use for the contents.

Just gotta tell them i am not interested in continuing the subscription.

Site seems to be down but you can ring them on 01793 835972 or email them [email protected] (might be worth asking for confirmation if using this method).


Free Teddy Bear, Card & Pens - wife's Birthday sorted then!

Meany!! :w00t:

As long as you cancel as soon as you recieve your items, there seems to be great success with this one imho


Just ordered, thanks

Cool Thanxs..looks like a gr8 one

We've done this and kept up the subscription for a few months. Saves you having to go to BP to get a Mother's Day card I can tell you...
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