Free care in the chemist

Free care in the chemist

Found 30th Aug 2012
Not sure what areas are covered, check it out.

if no good don't forget about the Prescription Prepayment Certificates (PPCs)…spx

Services Care at the Chemist Service

Care at the Chemist Service
This scheme allows patients to obtain medicines over the counter to treat certain conditions. ‘Care at the Chemist’ scheme, patients may obtain free over the counter medicines from pharmacies if they are exempt from prescription charges. Patients are registered on the scheme by their GP Practice and given a passport to allow them to discuss with the pharmacist minor ailments such as head lice, coughs, colds and simple pain.

The pharmacist will decide if providing a medicine is appropriate.

A list of the conditions that can be treated under the care at the chemist scheme include:-

Allergy/Hay Fever Athletes Foot Cold Sores Chesty Cough
Cold Constipation Diarrhoea Dry Cough
Head Lice Headache/Temperature Indigestion Nasal Congestion
Oral Thrush Sore Throat Threadworms ****
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good for the kids, especially if you have a late night chemist
There is a similar scheme in Scotland - called the "Minor Ailment" scheme. You do have to be registered with a specific pharmacy however.
I think There is a list of doctors from specific surgeries in your region, and if your doctors on the list you may be entitled to the minor ailment scheme, just check in your local pharmacy they should know more about it.
Hope this helps, unfortunately for me my doctors not on the list.
My sister uses this in Liverpool but chemists in Manchester haven't heard of it :-(
cant find anything about it any where including on your linkj???
chemists in N.I also have minor ailment scheme
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