Free Carederm Nasal Strips  @ British Snoring

Free Carederm Nasal Strips @ British Snoring

Found 13th May 2011Made hot 13th May 2011
We have 2000 retail packs of Carederm Nasal Strips to give away to the first 2000 people who submit & validate their details. Be quick as we don't expect them to hang around for long!


nice one, heat added.


Thank you

Many thanks.

thanks v much.

It seems that needs to be confirmed by email.

Original Poster

when you get the email just click the link, it's easy :-)


Your request has been successfully submitted. We will send you another email when we disptach your free pack of Carederm Nasal Strips

Worked for me. Says 773 left

Good stuff THANX for this.

cool. just requested some always wanted try them on the hubby as his snoring is horrendus!!!!

Great thanks for that x

Thank You! 318 left now.

242 left thanks

thanks 170 left


69 left my fav number

10 left

none left

Has anyone got it delivered yet?

I'm still waiting for mine


Has anyone got it delivered yet?I'm still waiting for mine

Just received mine this morning
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