Free Case Of Naked Wines When You Spend £100 At Charles Tyrwhitt (4 x Shirts For £100 Offer On), £100

Free Case Of Naked Wines When You Spend £100 At Charles Tyrwhitt (4 x Shirts For £100 Offer On), £100

Found 9th Feb 2015
One for those who need to update their shirt wardrobe!

This exclusive offer gives you six delicious bottles of wine from independent winemakers around the world, when you spend £100 at Charles Tyrwhitt before February 16th.

We'll drop you a note after the offer ends with your unique code and password to claim your free case of wine.

Seems the case is £47.99 (see post#3, thanks, chedixon)

Don't forget you get £10 back with AmEx plus 10% quidco, making it £80
- adoyle1987
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Good spot ... I needed some shirts.
Not bad if you want 4 shirts from them I guess. For reference the case is £47.99 at naked wines for existing subscribers so you could look at it as half price shirts if you like your wine. As an existing naked wines customer I'm happy to recommend them. Quite often they do introductory £60 off a case vouchers so if its the wine that interests you most you'd be better off joining up with a voucher. (just google 'naked wines voucher')
Unlike many wine suppliers, naked have no minimum order terms, you save £20 a month and order when you've either saved up enough (a good case of 12 can be had for around £100) or you can pay extra with a card if you want to order earlier. Any money you've saved is refundable if you decide to leave to which is good.
I get a case generally every 5 months which does me nicely and I don't really miss the money being able to save it monthly. If you don't like any of the wines they refund it without quibble.

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Why cold
Voted hot - although the 4 shirts for £100 is a normal deal, throwing in a box of wine is a hot deal.

If cold voters had to put a reason in then that would stop most of them.
Very good deal, but unfortunately I'm all stocked up on Tyrwhitt shirts for a while and must resist. Heat though.
People see 4 shirts for 100 quid and crap themselves. Good quality shirts.
hot. need to be an idiot to vote this cold
Can you get the wine AND the extra Quidco 8% discount offer?

I don't think you can even get Quidco 10% with the Wine offer - it is one or the other.
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