Free cat and dog food samples from Husse

Free cat and dog food samples from Husse



ordered cat sample cheers
Thank you, just ordered.
Done this some time ago; they never bothered to send out the sample.
Ordered 10x thanks
Ordered. Thanks OP.
Ordered...........lets see what happens :-)
Cheers... giving it a go. :-)
wtf ordered this morning and they come to your house directly lol
I ordered 10, wonder if that will work :O
given it a go
This looks like an Avon type thing so will you just end up getting a local agent hassling you to buy more product?
Wonderful. Thanks for the tip. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats so anything for free is GREAT.
Ordered cheers
Anyone actually received anything yet?
Had a phone call from them 2 weeks ago wanting details of dogs but nothing received
I have now ordered this THREE TIMES, in the feint glimmer of hope that they may actually ship something one day!
Hmm, nothing appeared here either. No calls, well, unless it's from an unlisted number that I've missed....
Emailed them 4 days ago, they emailed straight back asking me to confirm the details I sent. I did...and they said it's on its way. now 4 days later it arrived! woo
p.s. Don't think they'll be sending the cat food my dad ordered, we're at the same address, live seperately. Think they're saying "we sent it to ____" even though they only did that after a month and a week after and I emailed again. Sounds dodgy to me, it's fine if they decide not to send my dad his cat food, but it's a lot of effort for my stuff beforehand.
OK order placed! thanks
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