Free Cath Kidson Bag & 15% off Voucher with Easy Living Mag (£3.50)

Free Cath Kidson Bag & 15% off Voucher with Easy Living Mag (£3.50)

Found 5th Jun 2010
In deals as you need to buy the magazine which is £3.50

A free Cath Kidson bag - there are two types - you can see them attached when you go to buy you mag so can choose !

Its the type of shopper you kep in your handbag to put other bags in or bits from shops who don't give you bags.

There is also a 15% off voucher for the shop or online - not valid on sale items or material.


my sister told me about this yesterday as she had got 2 mags and gave my mrs one of them ( minus the free gift). it is for the june edition so people may have to be quick if they want to find one. i had to put up with a cath kidson day yesterday as while on a day out i was lumbered with kids while the mrs and my sister looked around a shop with kidson stuff in it. i wont get that hour back...ever.

oh h n r kidson fans will grab this while they can, they know how much this stuff costs.

i've seen the bag and to me it just looks cheap and nasty

ive been looking everywhere for the june issue but they only have the july one out :-(
does anyone have the code for online vouchers to make me a very happy ( and not quite so skint ) bunny....please!
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