Free CD with music to encourage your kids to sing (England only)
Free CD with music to encourage your kids to sing (England only)

Free CD with music to encourage your kids to sing (England only)

Saw an ad for this in yesterdays NOTW (bought only for Tesco, of course!)

"Parents, if you're looking to introduce your children to a life-long love of music and singing, you've come to the right place!

Were passionate about getting all kids to enjoy singing as part of their everyday lives, so weve put together loads of fun stuff and activities to get your family started.

You don't have to be a primary school professional to stay up to date with Sing Up developments and offers. As long as you're in the UK you can register for regular email updates and, if you live in England, you can order the FREE interactive Summer CD ROM full of songs and music scores to help get children singing over the holidays."

Seems to be some sort of charity type initiative, so as always please only get one if you're really planning on using it with the kids!

There's also the option to download a load of weekly activities - anything free that'll keep 'em busy over the hols has to be a good thing!


nice one OP...cheers :-D

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Oops, sorry! I did do a search, but I think it must have missed it because the other post has called SingUp two words. Never mind, nobody died.

Cold because restricted to 1 country.

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Cold because restricted to 1 country.

Fair enough on the cold vote as it was un unintentional double post, but that reason is a pile of cack! If it's not the country you're in, then fair enough, just ignore the post. But there are about 40 million people living in England, and it could benefit quite a lot of them! Does that mean we should vote every deal that doesn't include delivery to N.Ireland cold just because it's doesn't include that country? Course not! The STD test that was hot last week was for Manchester only and I voted it hot as I thought it was a good deal for people eligible.

Typical numpty mentality.

thankyou very much ehat added

thank you - heat added

Just ordered thank you
I know its says England only but why do they have wales & ireland etc in the country drop down???


good post - just what I needed for my youth club young people
heat added many thanx

Thanks for that - although my kids are already into
singing in a big way, hope it will be useful for the
toddler group I help run. Voted hot!

Link not working - but went to main page and then selected from 'Families' page and it worked fine! (sorry I would refresh the link if I knew how! I'm new here and still learning :thinking:)

Voted hot as my little ones will love this and the free downloads are available to everyone and easy to get to.

Thank you :thumbsup:
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