Free CDs: Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister audiobooks with Daily Telegraph

Free CDs: Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister audiobooks with Daily Telegraph

Found 24th Sep 2010Made hot 26th Sep 2010
Free BBC Audio CD next weekend with the Telegraph
Free on Saturday, October 2, pick up a free Audiobook of Yes Minister at WHSmith highstreet stores.

Enjoy complete unedited radio soundtracks from the original series Open Government written by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn; The Writing on the Wall plus, The PM's Plan written by Margaret Thatcher and Bernard Ingham.

After years in opposition a new party is in power. The new Minister thinks he is the government but Sir Humphrey Appleby, Permanent Secretary, knows that it is he and his civil service colleagues who actually run the country.
An inexperienced and gullible Minister puts forward plans in English, and is frustrated by his chief civil servant, who speaks Red Tape.
With help from Bernard Woolley, stuck between his political boss and the master of his career, the Minister gradually learns to master the situation. . .or does he?
And in The Sunday Telegraph on October 3, pick up your free Audiobook of Yes Prime Minister at WHSmith highstreet stores, which features the complete unedited script from episodes, The Grand Design and A Conflict of Interests.
Caught off-guard by the sudden retirement of the Prime Minister, Sir Humphrey and his civil service allies soon get their house-trained minister, James Hacker, elevated to the top job.
Following a series of circumstances involving the Eurosausage, the Home Secretary’s drink driving and the Chancellor’s dalliances with a shady lady from Argentina, Minister for Administrative Affairs Jim Hacker finds himself elevated to Number 10 Downing Street without being quite sure how he got there.
But life as Prime Minister is no easier than being a Minister; Hacker still finds his every move challenged by the Civil Service as represented by his new Cabinet Secretary, the ever-wily and manipulative Sir Humphrey Appleby, who is as equally determined that nothing should change as Hacker is that changes should be made.
Wandering nervously between them is Bernard Wooley, Hacker’s private secretary, who continues juggling his responsibilities to his political master with his loyalties to his Civil Service colleagues.


Someone's going to tell you off in a minute for not including the price of the paper!!!

Great series though so hot from me.

Hang on...'the papers free as well. Blimey!

Well worth ripping and listen to on the way to work. Papers worth it just for the sports section.

good dog thanks
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