free chanel bleu perfume

free chanel bleu perfume

Found 1st Jul 2018
claim a free chanel bleu perfume sample whilst stocks last! need to click view ads button to see it.
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Sample bottle 1.5ml !
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Free=cold? Does it smell that bad
Takes me to that stupid Facebook thing.
Burgainhunter37 m ago

Free=cold? Does it smell that bad

It actually xreally nice but it's a 1.5ml bottle
Will I sell my privacy and data for 1.5ml of smelly stuff?
zeekillah1 h, 57 m ago

It actually xreally nice but it's a 1.5ml bottle

Ah go on then, I'll spoil the wife.
Stay away of Facebook scam! Big Cold!
vaiopup6 h, 19 m ago

Takes me to that stupid Facebook thing.

Yeah its just a tactic by facebook + company to give your details to facebook without breaking law of info sharing.
Looking at the comments above I think we sometimes forget what a freebie is; no company and no brand in the world will ever give you anything for free not getting anything in return. For the brand, offering free sample, means either getting your contact details, or making you like their facebook page, which in turn increases their brand value. So, in other words, when you see a free sample and you decide to enter your details - that contact information is your 'payment' for that product the company sends you. And for that reason, before you start questioning whether it is worth giving out your details for that 1,5ml sample - think how much details you pass on when you buy that same product for £50 using you credit or debit card.
not good
Let’s all quit complaining, yeah? It’s free. Yes, it’s only a 1.5ml tester, but it’s still free! Ordered mine and arrived in a week. Smells amazing! AND although it’s a 1.5ml bottle, it’ll do about 3 nights out! HOT HOY HOT!
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