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Free cheeseburger / hamburger / drink / fries /chilli bites when you signup for "Your Burger King" rewards via app @ Burger King

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Burger King still has the 200 points signup bonus for their rewards scheme running, so thought was worth a reminder in 2023. 200 points is enough to claim a cheeseburger for free (or hamburger / regular drink / chilli bites or regular fries). You'll can redeem your points in store, online and for click and collect orders. Also worth noting they will be adding a birthday gift of some sort in 2023, which says is coming soon.

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Redeeming 150 points will get you a:

  • Cheeseburger
  • Hamburger
  • Regular drink
  • Regular fries
  • Chilli cheese bites x 6

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  1. Avatar
    Burger King these days tastes just like rustlers 🤮
    You take that back right this second!
  2. Avatar
    I got my free cheeseburger today! What are the odds didn't even see this deal I just random checked the app. Felt hungry but didn't wanna pay. Saw 200 reward points. "What's this?" I said. Used 150 points without a second thought for free cheeseburger. Ordered online checkout on my smart mobile communications device. Went thru the driveway or drive thru as some folks call it. Gave the short lady the code (maybe she was sitting down ). She handed me the burger in a brown bag no tissue but no questions asked.
    Playa move yo!

    Burger bun was a bit dry. Burger weren't too hot either. Cheese with no edge melt - just flat and breaking off coz of the lack of heat. Just ate in the end as I was now in the B&Q carpark. "Free bit of sustenance" I said to myself. "Survive the midday. Time to relocate and make it thru the next challenge headed my way" I thought.
    Stone cold world yo!
    Let them know, they’ll give you your points back or another burger.
  3. Avatar
    Isn’t this normal?
  4. Avatar
    But how about veggie options?
    Their fries are veggie
  5. Avatar
    If I was that way inclined, could potentially make like 10 accounts for 10 burgers lol. I know some people did this with Subway when they had a sign up bonus big enough for a footlong during Euro games
    They have supposedly limited it to two accounts per person now
  6. Avatar
    Great if you can get it, but my nearest BK closed before the pandemic and never reopened, and the two other BKs closest to me don't accept the app.
  7. Avatar
    Used app and points for free burger and fries before Christmas and food was cold and dry. As paid for a couple of other items, took it back and asked for my money back. 2 others we're doing the same.

    Burger King not what they used to be
  8. Avatar
    Last time I got a burger it was the most disgusting burger ever. Looked like it had been reheated about twenty times, salad was all half dead and it looked like they had got a blind person to asssemble it and then the fattest member of staff to sit on the box before they gave it to me.

    I was the only customer there. No surprise. McDonalds is always packed because although their food is mediocre, it's consistently mediocre and their app works for the most part. Biggest whoppers in BK are the photos of the burgers on the wall.
  9. Avatar
    Something very wrong with the app, I’ve got over 2000 points now, enough for 2 BXL meals but it still doesn’t redeem. Complained to support a month ago and got a “we are aware” email and heard nothing since…
    We tried Burger King for the first time in a couple of years not too long ago. Some deal on the app if I recall. Anyway, it was a disaster, app would not work and I ended up with a charge to Burger King Scunthorpe on my card somehow (we were not in Scunthorpe). Food was decent at least.
  10. Avatar
    Went to redeem my points & said no store within a 20 mile radius does the points system, sounds like some BS
  11. Avatar
    No Burger King near me
  12. Avatar
    4km walk for good burger.
  13. Avatar
    When BK actually were in town (they left during the first lockdown), I LOVED their chilli bites! 😁
  14. Avatar
    I only go to BK to have their onion rings.
  15. Avatar
    It's a shame BK is so inconsistent, because when the burgers and fries are good, they're really good.

    Unfortunately every one I've ever been to is dead, and the service is slow and the fries are always cold.

    I also don't know why they focus so much on this "pizza place" style marketing where they charge high prices unless you use the app or a coupon.

    I don't think they even bother advertising any more do they? It's a real shame because I would rather eat there than McDonald's
  16. Avatar
    BK burgers are way much better than Mac D. But I don't still prefer frozen quorn pattie with no bun
  17. Avatar
    Anyone used points in NI yet? Last time I tried a few months back they claimed the points scheme isn’t valid here. Was Junction one BK.
  18. Avatar
    none of the BK i have been into accept rewards , seems it’s only certain branches ?
  19. Avatar
    Can confirm that NI does not seem to accept these.

    Been in four different branches in the area and everyone said they do not do them here
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