Free Chia Energy Gel Samples from 33 Shake

Free Chia Energy Gel Samples from 33 Shake

Found 7th MarEdited by:"krabople"
Just had this through via email. No idea how big the samples are but they're free and delivered to your door.
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ordered, thanks OP. Hope they are refreshing I don't do much exercise. Never tried a gel before. Seems to be worldwide.
Just ordered Thx
Will try this, thanks op
Ordered thanks
Thanks OP!
Cheers, have put in a request for some!
Tried it. Thanks op
Cool, haven't had a Vanilla Gel before...
Has anybody received there order yet. Been 2 weeks and still not got them
Leon21218th Mar

Has anybody received there order yet. Been 2 weeks and still not got them

Nothing, was thinking the same. Wondering if it’s just a marketing ploy to gather loads of peoples details...:/
Yeah, nothing here unfortunately either.
Nothing.. An I tried my address an my bf
33Shake sample offer - a sincere apology from the founder

I'm Warren, one of 33Shake's founders and am very sorry to have to tell you that our free sample offer was hijacked by scammers with sophisticated software to mask vast multiple applications, cleaning out our sample stocks.

Because of this we are now unable to send your two free samples of 33Shake Chia Energy Gel.

In light of this I would completely understand if you never wanted to hear from 33Shake again. If that's the case, you don't need to do a thing - your details were deleted automatically from our database after this email was sent to you.

However, if you would like to receive weekly training and nutrition updates from our award-winning blog as well as special offers and more, you can subscribe using the green button at the bottom of this email.

We'd be delighted to have you on the team and will also send you a special offer by return for four free Chia Energy Gels with any purchase of a regular 10-pack.

Either way I can only thank you for your time and apologise personally once more for our sample offer going wrong. Our fault entirely and a hard lesson learned.

Warren Pole, co-founder, 33Shake

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