Free Chicago Town Slice Sabre with Pack Coupons

Free Chicago Town Slice Sabre with Pack Coupons

Found 3rd Oct 2014
May the 4th may be long gone, but for all you Star Wars / Pizza / Cutting Device fans Chicago Town have 2 different slicers up for grabs.

If you get the Deep Dish pizzas and collect 5 tokens you can claim the basic model, 9 tokens gets you the one with the laser and sound effects... probably not dishwasher proof!
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I need this in my life NOW the force is strong drawing me to pizza....... I will also need some weight loss advice if I need to buy this many pizza's for this Jedi tool!
Does anyone have any codes they haven't used they want to give me by in boxing me please?
£1.25 a box in farm foods
Picked a few up for £1.09 in Morrisons today! Super slicer here we come
have 9 codes but no way of entering them as site not working any ideas
i need 1 code
Have put 9 codes in website won't let me orders super slice cutter?? Any ideas??:3
I bought the deep dish pizza couldn't find the code in red please could anyone help me
I have one code !
Need one code, so if anyone has a spare code please donate it to me.

Eternally grateful

need one more plz send me one somone would be verry greatfull
Ive put around,12codes but its not letting me in any one else have the same response.
You only need to put 9 codes in
i have not entered 11 codes and order not submitting, fed up now emailed them twice so far.
If anyones got spare codes pm please, thanks
I just need 2 codes if anyone has any spare, would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance
Hello there guys.
I just need one more code, and the 3 shops in my town have stopped stocking the promotional packs.
Can anyone help, please.
Will be greatly appreciated.
I need 1 more code cos it said my other code was not valid, please I've me another code
Can someone message me some codes, I'd really appreciate it. I want the super slice sabre :P
Help!!! I can't find these pizza boxes anywhere now and have been desperately saving the codes to surprise by brood. Anyone have any unused codes that they no longer need? Would love to get them the super slice sabre! Thanks!
I just found this, has anyone code 1x code?
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