Free Childs Book- Moving House

Free Childs Book- Moving House

Found 7th Oct 2007
Are you planning a move to or from Uk with young children?

Berenstain Bears Moving Day will prepare them for the move ahead. It is the story of the Bear family's move to their tree house in Bear Country. Would Brother Bear like it? Would he find new friends?

This Is Perfect For the Kids


Error on the page??????????????????

Error on page for me too. tried it twice

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No not working for me either. Have tried via firefox and explorer.

Works fine with second link, thanks! Hope this arrives... always looking for resources like this for work (primary school teacher). Oh, and by the way... its for moving to or from BELGIUM. STill same idea!

My dd loves the breastine bears so i filled it out and got a page cannot be displayed when i clicked sent. Shame as she would have loved this.:-(

ideal friends moving house have ordered for her little man. thanks
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