Free Childs Places @ First Choice Holidays

Free Childs Places @ First Choice Holidays

Found 22nd Jul 2008
Not too sure if you can class this as a deal or not but I thought it was great.

Looking to book summer 2009 holiday and the hotel in Egypt we wanted had free kids places yesterday, went on their website today and there were none available so price went up £700.

I phoned them to make sure, and managed to get one.

Basically the guy said that they don't always have them on the internet so it's best to phone because they can normally get them for you.

I has so pleased as this has saved us a fortune!!

Worth a try if you're looking to book with them.


wow but the prices are high-free child places are needed!!

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Tell me about it!!! First Choice seem to be the only place you can get a free childs place on a All Inclusive holiday that's NOT is a resort full of kids and kids clubs!!:roll:

what did you get then? we went to concorde in turkey lara beach this year and would say its good for kids.

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Leaving Glasgow 27th May 2009 to Conrad In Sharm (been before, lovely hotel), 2 weeks All Inclusive. 2 Adults, 1 child (3) and 1 infant (1.5) for £1590!!!

We paid more than this the last time we went with no kids!

Be very careful though as sometimes the room is based on 4 Adults sharing and if you take free kids places, you can get charged a huge supplement! Sometimes it works out cheaper to pay for them rather than taking the free places...not always but always worth checking.
You can also find that if you pay Adult price for the child, it can work out cheaper as well...always check

yep we have always booked 4 adults when going to egypt before-and i have NEVER seen a fc place for Egypt before thats why i asked. We cant go in may next year as daughter has gcses so looked july and the price is around £4000-5000 for two weeks! i dont want to buy the hotel!!

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Try phoning as there may be some places free, they are just not advertised online.

yep will do thanks!!
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