Unfortunately, this deal has expired 5 September 2023.
Posted 16 August 2023

Free Chili Film Rental For MyMcDonald's Rewards Members Via E-mailed Code

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I received a redeemable Chili code from McDonald's via email as part of their "As Featured In" promotion. Check your emails!

Kick back with a classic or watch something new, you've got CHILI's extensive catalogue to choose from!

In celebration of our tasty food AS FEATURED IN some of the best movies around, we're giving all our MyMcDonald's Rewards** customers a free movie rental on McDonald's, courtesy of CHILI†.

To claim, follow the link below and enter your unique code (you can copy and paste) and your email address by 5th September.

Once you've claimed, you'll get an email with your movie rental code from Spark - then all that's left is to create your CHILI account and pick your flick!
McDonalds More details at
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  1. 740540's avatar
    The obvious titles coming to my mind are 'Supersize me' or 'The whale'
    HKerInLondon's avatar
    "Super Bad" McLovin should be top of the list
  2. zollies's avatar
    Has anyone seen the list of films that you can use the voucher for? I can't even see the T&C cos you need to log in to the Chili website to view. :/
    Chanchi32's avatar
    Heres the terms


    Says excludes home premier movies, although seemed to be working on the one I tested
  3. Deccydoda's avatar
    Any codes that people don't want I would gladly take off of your hands, good for anyone fancying renting a movie not on streaming services though!
    kevlfc's avatar
    ive pm you a code
  4. gill81uk's avatar
    I have mcdonalds rewards but havent received this If anyone has a spare please could you pm it to me,
    kevlfc's avatar
    ive pm you a code
  5. fr3dy77_sp33d's avatar
    No email
    kevlfc's avatar
    ive pm you a code
  6. kevlfc's avatar
    im lovein it
  7. andrewworrall1's avatar
    Heat added OP
  8. golfie's avatar
    I have a few codes I'm happy to share
    Kal007's avatar
    Thanks. Will send you a PM for one if you have any left
  9. bfam's avatar
    Any spare code please PM me. Thanks
    kevlfc's avatar
    ive pm you a code (edited)
  10. kevlfc's avatar
    i have one more. gone (edited)
    TheAlternativeLad's avatar
    Do you still have that one code left? (edited)
  11. Lucyinthesky's avatar
    So I need to sign up to McDonald's, to get the code, :/

    Does anyone have a code they are not using please, (edited)
    kevlfc's avatar
    ive pm you a code
  12. IamOpica's avatar
    Mansa's avatar
    I have one how do I send it to you
  13. mRActivate8's avatar
    Here is code, free to anyone first come first serve HLN2tyc3Xv6HgnkT
  14. Damian_Thompson's avatar
    If anyone has a spare code I would appreciate it, thank you (edited)
    matthew.bruce's avatar
    Sent you a code
  15. Charshi's avatar
    Hot! Thanks OP!
  16. redCabbage4's avatar
    I used the code on chilli but this gives you 20% off. Not a free rental, despite what McDonald's say.
    WilliamIPark's avatar
    I think the 20% is a separate offer from Chili, not the McDonalds one.
  17. Newey's avatar
    Any one got a spare code they can share
    bozo007's avatar
    Check your PM
  18. wunwun123's avatar
    Does anyone mind sending me a code

    Does anyone mind sending me a code (edited)
  19. Mansa's avatar
    Here is
    my code first come first can have it ready steady go


  20. HKSP5's avatar
    The App isn't loading and the website keeps telling me the code is incorrect even though I have the email from McDonalds open.
  21. kjrich82's avatar
    Anyone have a code pretty please?
  22. Vien_Hoang's avatar
  23. bogwump's avatar
  24. Username50's avatar
    Hi any codes pls
    kevlfc's avatar
    ive pm you a code
  25. ashh30's avatar

  26. Gav_Shaw's avatar
    Christ, are Chili still going? lol
    craigbelperbrown's avatar
    Think it’s the likes of Vodafone keeping them going with their code giveaways.
  27. Ben10's avatar
    Can any recommend any good horrors available with this? Looks like there all z rated titles
  28. LM31's avatar
  29. Alina84's avatar
    I can't find this app on my Roku stick anymore, have they discontinued it or something?
  30. Newbold's avatar
    Wow! That’s a mighty unimpressive range of stuff on Chili!
  31. bfam's avatar
    Is this right place to enter code? 50804403-jX00s.jpg
  32. akilagam's avatar
    Requesting for any spare codes please
  33. dessabee's avatar
    I need a code please would any kindly person share a code that they will not use it meet it please.
    Thanks guys x
  34. haidfitch's avatar
    They'll always email me about a meal for £9 that used to cost £4, but no emails about this 😪
  35. rhiann.taylor's avatar
    Anyone have any spare codes they don’t mind sharing please as I don’t have any email from them
  36. chambeap's avatar
    Same here, no email from them unfortunately, but I'd love a spare code if anyone has
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