Free Chiquito 25% OFF Student Card
Free Chiquito 25% OFF Student Card

Free Chiquito 25% OFF Student Card

For all students, order this card and you'll get a keyring entitling you to 25% off your food bill with a valid student ID card.

(Perfect for family meals together too as only one person needs to be a student)


Thanks. I've just got my niece to order one. She loves Chiquitos.

Vouchers available:




Note: two offers not available in Scotland.

Shame it's only on main menu food and not on their offers. Still, thanks!

Wow thanks, this will save a fair bit! The £10 one is even better!

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Ahh good find on the vouchers. I wonder if the light bites count in the £10 offer; they are on the main menu so should do (http://chiquito.co.uk/site/pdf/menus/Chiquito-Main-Menu.pdf). If so, you could get 2 Veggie Chilli & Spinach Quesadillas for £6.49 each. So with £10 off and a couple of glasses of tap water later, you got a meal for 2 for £2.98. Not bad!

worst restaurant ever.... (IMO)

Have been going for my Birthday every year for 5 years, every year it's got less food and more expensive, this year they've even replaced the contents of the sharing platter with less, still nice but I'm going to TGI next year!

P.S. still voted hot

Can you only use one voucher at a time?? and can the vouchers be used with the student discount??

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Unfortunately not. Just checked the terms and conditions:
"One voucher per bill/table transaction"
"Not used in conjunction with any other offer or set menu"

i coundn't find the website for the 25% discount card... anyone able to help
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