Free chocolate

Free chocolate

Found 30th Apr 2007
Found this on another forum, apparently the issue is you have to check the box at the bottom, otherwise it won't work.


Nice,I will fill it in later.
I wonder if they as generous as Nestle,got a fair sized bar of their Heaven bar about a mth ago.

thanx just filled it in and a picture a dark chocolate was shown, hope it not dark chocolate as i dont like it
heat and repped

the website says its one piece of chocolate and it dark chocolate

Nice, made sure I used a fake email to avoid caburys spam

voted hot i hope its a whole bar

It is only 1 piece of bournville (dark)

thanks 4 that used fake mail too

Thanks very much for the deal - any chocolates better than none!

Awesome! rep added

voted hot - free chocolate whether 1 piece or 1 bar is always a winner

Miss Pink

thanx just filled it in and a picture a dark chocolate was shown, hope it … thanx just filled it in and a picture a dark chocolate was shown, hope it not dark chocolate as i dont like itheat and repped

Send it to me, I love it!


why is the link not working??
i want free chocolate!

it's busted. too many chocolate vultures


that fast?!
there goes my FREE chocolate~

I'm sure it's very nice of Cadbury's to hand out free chocolate but I for one am boycotting all Cadbury's chocolate after they kept selling salmonella-ridden chocolate for 6 months without doing anything about it or telling the Food Standards Agency. I think it's only right that they are being prosecuted for their shabby behaviour...after all, messing with my chocolate habit is not to be taken lightly!

As I already boycott all Nestle (and Rowntree Mackintosh products) chocolates, I'm down to Galaxy and Terry's...luckily Galaxy and Ritter Sport are my favourites!

Good luck to all!

Nice find GazR.

Will enjoy.

Ergh dark

link is a goner!!
no longer

One whole piece of chocolate eh lol

Link is still working

Ordered at 17:08 so link working!
Rep & Voted!

Just ordered mine!

Worked for me

Yep now we wait for one piece of dark chocolate

Now thats what I call HOT hope it doesn't melt in the post. Nice one!:roll:

Nice one!!!!

Just ordered thank you. I love dark chocolate and one square is just enough to get me through a stressful moment!

Not worth the time and effort. The requirement to sign up for spam, for one piece of choc, is ridiculous.
Thanks for the post though

I just ordered one for me yum yum also did one for the other half to his house but I've just remembered he doesn't like dark choc ... fingers crossed :giggle:

Mmmmmmm thanks for this :-D

Looks like there will be a lot of fat postmen:roll: soon voted hot

Great find, thanks:thumbsup:

Thanks - free choci is always good.

Cadburys are always giving away free chocolate in town, it was great, till I got several bars of Dairy Milk and broke a tooth on one bar!

This will prob turn up!

Good find, but I really don't think it's worth the effort for me... lol

mmmm free chocolate

worked for me, thanks op

Bang a few chunks in a homemade chilli con carne, brings out the flovour no end, even one of the packet sauces has cocoa powder in it!!!

Voted hot and rep given


Silly me, I used the real e-mail address. Oh well, anything for some free chocolate, hopefully our Junk Mail Manager will do it's job. Thanks for this one.

Thanks ...ordered one!
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