Free chocolate from KSChocolat

Free chocolate from KSChocolat

Found 29th Sep 2008Made hot 29th Sep 2008
KSChocolat celebrates their new website


Free Choc Hooray!! Voted Hot. Thx

never one to turn down free chocolate :thumbsup:

Voted Hot!

Hot from me 2...



ordered mine, thanks x

[COLOR="Sienna"]mmmm thanks[/COLOR]


cheers ordered mine x

Yummy, chocolate! Ordered and voted HOT!

Thank you, chocolate goodies always welcomed..........H/R added

Thanks, Just ordered

Once you've ordered they also email you a voucher code: "promo1" which gives you 15% off your next order over £30 if you order before the end of october.

nice one

Good find:thumbsup:

Thanks ;0)

Brilliant thanks


mmmmmm free chocolate

yummy going to order woo hoo

mmmmmm free chocolate!! My favourite kind!!! :w00t::p

free chocolate through the post....?

Hmmm, hope you all used disposable email addresses :whistling:

thanks, great find !

thanks, heat and rep added


Good one, Thanx!!

Vote hot!

Yummy Yummy In My Tummy Just Ordered!!

Thanks, registered. Can't turn down free chocolate. :thumbsup:


:thumbsup:Ordered and voted hot. Thank you!!

Heat Added, mmmmmmm Chocolate!! x

yammyyyy! Hope it will arrive. Some one knew allready the taste of this cocholate?

thanks, heat and rep added

great find.
Now, anyone got the details of cheap gym membership???

Ordered mine.,... thanks

thanks ordered mine...mmm

Just expired

Sorry, so many people couldn’t wait to try our
chocolate that we have no more left! We have given
away an amazing 35000 bags of chocolate since Friday.
We hate to disappoint you so please click this link
for 20% off your next order over £30.00

just got there to be told they had run out


Chocca Dooby

Got email saying mine should be here soon thanks

I GOT THE CHOC! a full 2.8oz/80g bar of it.

thank you OP.
top half is yellowish green sorry about the cameraphone pic.

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