Free Choose Sleep Kit @ This Works

Free Choose Sleep Kit @ This Works

Found 22nd Oct 2017
You Magazine has got 500 free Choose Sleep kits that help you sleep better in unfamiliar environments like in hotels or guest bedroom. Just follow our link and email them directly on the mentioned email and they will send you a free kit.

Click on link and then follow instructions given above to receive a free sample of Choose Sleep kit.

You will have to send them you postal address and email on

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I am intrigued by this,does this account for Barbiturates,Hypnotics Mandrax or Diazepam ???
Edited by: "Gussy_Fink_Nottle" 22nd Oct 2017
Loving cold votes on a freebie Some prize plonkers on this site.
Thanks OP.
Legal Rohypnol ?
Squelds12 m ago

Legal Rohypnol ?

Rohypnol isn't illegal.
Wary about them describing it as a 'competition'. No doubt the majority will be 'unlucky' and not classed as one of the 500...but they will still have your name, address and email to sell on.
Edited by: "welcomedistraction" 23rd Oct 2017
Wow ! Pop it
This does Not work,it will work via the placebo effect.Dr
All gone
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