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Free Christmas Dinner For Anyone Alone @ The Alexandra pub (Wimbledon - London)

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Appreciate that this is a local one for folks in the area, but still felt like something that could come handy to some in these difficult times, bless the folks at Alexandra who have now been doing it for a few years.


Hope it helps someone.
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    Nice to know , there are still some , genuine people left , in my country !
    There are plenty, just stay away from the news and social media and get out amongst real people, and you'll be surprised how many decent folk there are about. Unfortunately we live in a world which only wishes to discuss negative events and promote division. Most people are still decent though imo, it just doesn't feel like that once you turn on the news or pick up your phone.
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    I've heard the foods awful there couldn't pay me to go
    The food is really nice actually. Shame the same can't be said about you... (edited)
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    Best deal of the year here on Hotukdeals (edited)
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    Legends. Being alone on Christmas must be tough enough, never mind having to cook a meal knowing it’s just for you. So good on these people, this’ll make Christmas a lot easier for some people
    A few years ago a colleague asked me what I’d done for Christmas Day. I said that I was on my own and just made myself a bowl of pasta. She had a big family and had apparently had a stressful time looking after them. I expected pity, and I was surprised by how envious she was of my Christmas alone.
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    Great, I'll arrive 10 minutes before my partner
    Presumably you're joking(?) but please don't encourage scumbags!
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    Slightly differently, if you would like to help someone really badly off have a nice Christmas dinner, you can donate to the Sally Army via their website, using using your PayPal.

    Their Christmas card through the post today told me all about their work and I couldn't pass on by.
    QR code on Christmas card, PayPal login. Bish, bash feel good for helping someone.
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    What evidence do you need to provide that you're homeless ?
    It's not about being homeless. It's for people on their own at Christmas and you don't need to prove anything. You can live in a luxurious house and still be lonely. In the true spirit of Christmas. (edited)
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    Would be nice if lots of places had singles dinners events at not just Christmas time, but throughout the year. Doesn't necessarily have to be a free meal, but it might be a good way for lonely folks to meet people as well as not be alone on Christmas day. Not to take anything away from this pub, it's a really lovely gesture for a business which relies on profit to stay afloat, especially in this economy. But those folks will still be lonely the other 364 days of the year. Loneliness is awful, and is the foundation for a lot of mental health issues. Wish there were more things in place to help people make friends and find partners. It's especially hard for the older generations.
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    That's beautiful. It would be nice to have some kind of register that people/families can sign up to and help a neighbour on their own I would do it.
    Merry Christmas everybody
    Id imagine most would rather invite them to their home for Christmas.
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    These people know the true meaning of "Wombling free"

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    Someone should start a service where someone who is lonely and doesn't want to eat Christmas Dinner alone can swap places with someone with family but wants to eat Christmas Dinner alone. (edited)
    i've joked about this before but imma gonna do it

    iw will need safety and security checks ofc (edited)
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    Lovely pub and was in there the other day and saw this offer. There was collection boxes around the pub.
    All credit to them.
    That's a brilliant pun if you made it deliberately.
    Agree though. Excellent from the organisation.
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    Clearly very nice to provide this , but what happens if thousands turn up now this is posted?
    Do they have limitless space? Are they going to have to turn people away ?
    Better to be at capacity and turning some away than to have empty seats while some sit at home alone because they didn't know about it
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    How lovely. True spirit of Christmas. X
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    God bless those people 🙏
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    If this was my local I would definitely go! It’s tough being on your own over the holiday. My plan is to have a roast and put up some wallpaper whilst watching tv on prime to bypass all the festivities.
    I would go as helper.
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    They also do a meet up for lonely people on Mondays (or is it Tuesdays ) lunchtimes… how pubs (& society wider) should be
    It’s a great pub, wine bar, rooftop restaurant and rooftop bar (edited)
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    Very good of this pub to do this. This year I decided to not buy a new phone, as my Poco F3 is failing, but donate the amount I would have spent on a new phone to local pub who will be treating the homeless around the area to a Christmas meal. More satisfaction than any material thing can provide. Hot.
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    I applaud kindness 👏 🙌 god bless all those in need and lonely this Christmas 🎄 🙏 ❤️
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    This is so brilliant, gives me hope that this country can come back from the depths of despair we see from our leaders
    Our so called leaders and tabloid media do not really represent the country. They are in it for themselves.
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    Brilliant gesture, well done to the owners and staff!
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    Plus the £78 each way in a taxi
    Send them a message they cover that too...
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    Lovely stuff. Gives us all a bit of hope that the spirit of Christmas and generally just caring and being kind is alive and well. Well done!👏🏻❤️
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    I have lunch in their a few times a month and drinks a bit more regularly.
    They do this each year, their food is normally good to. Lovely pub with a nice roof terrace too!
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    So nice.
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    Great pub.
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    Truly great pub. Posted this about 5 Christmases ago. Follow their Facebook
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    Things like this are so heartwarming and yet it is equally heartbreaking that there will be people needing this
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    Love it, it's hard times for everyone and it's people like this that give their time and money to provide for others that are alone or struggling that shows the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone. 🎄🌲🤶🎅🎁⛄🙏
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    Bravo! Keep Britains pubs going!!
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    Absolutely love this. Have all of the heat
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    Scrooge McDuck is just angry because you revealed his plan to save a buck!
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    Great gesture by the pub but the last thing they prob needed was it posted on here.
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    Hope the fillet steak is of an acceptable standard and the wine is at least a Lafite or Margaux. Adjacent and safe parking for the Roller will be required or will have to use the Bentley.
    It’s lonely at the top
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    How nice
    A shame you’re quite far as I might of forced myself out the door
    I hope some have a nice meal and feel brighter today
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    All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
    Lonely planet.
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    Annual occasion
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  39. Avatar
    That's really lovely! Thanks for sharing.