Free Christmas dinner for over 65s in Melton Mowbray courtesy of The Amwell care home

Free Christmas dinner for over 65s in Melton Mowbray courtesy of The Amwell care home

LocalFound 18th Dec 2017
A care home in Melton Mowbray will dish up free Christmas dinners to elderly residents in the town, who are over 65 in an effort to tackle what can be a lonely time of a year.

The Amwell, an all-inclusive residential, nursing, palliative and respite care home in Melton Mowbray, is organising the three-course lunch on Christmas Day (12:30pm) followed by an afternoon of entertainment for those who may end up spending Christmas Day alone this year.
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Have some heat and Merry Christmas everyone
Mmmmm pork pies 🌲
Touting for business?
Great to see so many of these kind of things up and down the country well done to all
Great kindness, well done.
great stuff. heat added
Try before you buy.
looking after our own, its heartwarming to see
What a lovely thing to do
I love this
What's their address? I will get my old man a taxi up there so I don't have to visit him
SUPER HEAT !!!!! Love these wonderful gestures regardless of what the muppets think !!!!!! Merry Christmas
Great idea, whats not to love when people do something nice.
cold - ageist.
what a lovely gesture it is a pity more don't follow there example
Old fogies are overlooked to the extreme thesedays. It used to be you gave up your seat to an OAP, often meaning you made your little one sit on your knee. These days the kids go right for the 'Disabled' seats and never look for oldies getting on board and parents now let their young fit offspring take a seat while every one else, incl themselves, stands.
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