Free cinema for carers

Free cinema for carers

Found 16th Dec 2014
I posted this over 3 years ago and the Autism friendly showing of Night At the Museum - Secret of the Tomb @ Cineworld post by angelhaseyes prompted me to reignigte the CEA card deal that was expired…928

The deal with the card is as follows :-

Welcome to The Cinema Exhibitors' Association Card Website. This is a national card that can be used to verify that the holder is entitled to one free ticket for a person accompanying them to the cinema. Terms and Condition of use apply.

To apply for the card, you will need to meet one or more of the following criteria:

a) Be in receipt of the disability living allowance or attendance allowance.

b) Be a registered blind person.

The card is valid for 1 years from the date of issue

A processing fee of £6 is chargeable per card.

Check your local Cinema accpets the card !!!


To use this card, a disabled person (including children) apply for this card. They need to send their photograph and will receive a photo card matched to themselves, so that their carer can get in for free, this enables them to bring one other person who can help them.

The carer doesn't need to be the same person always, as the card is not matched to them but to the person with the disability.

The owner of the card must come to the cinema with their carer, this is not a any time free pass for another person. A person without a disability can not use this card on its own. They must be accompanying the person in the photograph, as in the person who needs help.

This is not a freebie for people per se, only for carers who are attending a screening with somebody who needs help and whose picture is in the card.

Thank you to the cinema exhibitors for such a helpful card.
- zyany
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Anything that supports carers is ok in my book. Have some heat...
Carers save this country millions they deserve a little appreciation.
My hubby has one . As I'm his career as he's disabled . We like to go to the cinema once a week just to get him out. It's a great card
I meant carer !!
Thanks for the information . will be useful...
I can't believe the way some people are commenting on my post. Negativity can turn positive, but, many expletives later and I'm in disgust. Thanks for sharing this again.
We have one for the daughter, definitely worthwhile ....have some heat
Good to make people aware. Heat added
This is a good deal ... Heat added
Excellent and thanks
heat added just because.
it used to be 5 pounds
Why should carers get preferential treatments?



Why should carers get preferential treatments?

Because most of them are voluntary and give all their time to looking after someone, unlike you who must be selfish

Why should carers get preferential treatments?

I just liked your post. Feel better now?
Have some heat.


Why should carers get preferential treatments?

Unbelievable! Carers are a Godsend! Just be thankful you don't need one......yet!
To clarify, it is the disbled person that has to apply for the card. When they go to the cinema the disbled person pays and their carer gets in free to give them help as needed. The CEA card can also be used with Cineworld unlimited card.
Heat, & thanks to carers, they often get little recognition.
Never knew this existed. I don't often go to the cinema due to the cost of needing someone with me so will definitely be getting one. Heat added.
Have some heat!

Why should carers get preferential treatments?

Just to rectify this cinema card is not in any benefit to carer's for free treatment's but to accompany a disabled person whom would not be able to go to cinema alone without support from a carer. Therefore the card enables free entry for carer .

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This is so hard to read! I just hope you never need someone like me who has given my life up to be a carer just so that he gets the care he deserves!!! Also saves the taxpayer 1000s. If it is such a privilege then would u like a journey that should take 20mins taking u a hour cos thats how long it takes to load unload and get seated!! Being a carer can be a very lonely thing... hearing those remarks don't help 1 bit!!!!
Your children have to be a minimum of 8 years old so I have just been told by the people that distribute the cea cards
I care for my goldfish, why cant i get one ?

Nah, only joking, good offer for some great folk.

Happy Xmas x
A carer's job is much harder than what most people think of it
I wasn't aware of this at all, we claim carers allowance for my son recently, this would help as he does like going to the cinema, thank you.
My mum works in a care home and is also carer to my gran, I bet she's never even heard of this. Heat added
For those who are carers, chin up, keep smiling, there are those who see the true value in you.

For those who question their value. Shame on you.

I have this its pretty great!
TL;DR version
Get this card and your Carer can go to the cinema with you for free.
I salute the carers....very difficult job and the idiots making silly remarks most probably wouldn't last one day if they had to care for somebody
the card enables one person to accompany the "disabled"person to enjoy a visit to the cinema , as they may not be able to do this accompanied , this is not a card for carers to go and enjoy a film when ever they fancy , but to support someone to access the cinema .
This is a great idea
been going for years this and not all cinemas accept it plus the terms to claim one are so stupid sick of dla people getting all the perks when it should be for esa people who need more care
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