Free Cinema Screening - The Hole. Sunday 12/09/10 10.30am - new code
Free Cinema Screening - The Hole. Sunday 12/09/10 10.30am - new code

Free Cinema Screening - The Hole. Sunday 12/09/10 10.30am - new code

Aberdeen Union Square, Cineworld
Birmingham, Empire
Bluewater, Showcase
Cardiff, Cineworld
Cinema De Lux Bristol, Showcase
Glasgow Renfrew Street, Cineworld
Liverpool ONE, Odeon
Manchester Trafford Centre, Odeon
MetroCentre, Odeon
Southampton, Odeon

Code: 505147


None left for Bluewater

same here, says tickets still available for birmingham, but once i sign in.

@Sorry, all tickets just redeemed for this location. No tickets left.@

heat added, thank you
Edited by: "dingddd" 7th Sep 2010

Same says tickets left foe Newcastle Metro centre but when register says all tickets gone,

Saying tickets available for Glasgow, but when you request 2 and register it's saying all tickets gone !!

Original Poster

That's odd. I tried to get two in Southampton for my sis just now and same thing happened. Sorry guys. I did log in initially and saw them available - so posted.

dingddd thanks for your "manners" heat - ha ha

Same for Cardiff, no tickets left after registering!

Same for me, shows available but says no tickets left for Birmingham, but thanks anyway

Same for manchester

Just got 4 tix for Bristol.....must have been a glitch with the website

Working now, got 2 for Metro Centre. Thanks.

accidentally booked for southampton and did it twice so got 4, don't need these so have emailed showfilmfirst to canx,they will go back on the system I pressume, so will be available .

Working now, got 2 for Glasgow. Thanks

Thanks. Just got 4 for the trafford. Glad its working now.

Got mine for Birmingham, thanks alot,

Do you have to buy glasses for this

It's working again, just got 2 for Cardiff

thanks a lot, got 2 for bham!!

Just got 2 to Southampton cheers op

Original Poster

Apparently this code is now live everyone - oop and by the posts I can see above - you already know!

Don't forget to show love peeps - thank you

got 2 for birmingham now, many thanks.

just got some for cardiff. thank you

Got 2 for Manchester. Thanks OP.

Manchester button missing. Lame.

Whoo hoo got 2 for Cardiff loads of heat!!!

Got mine for manchester! Thank you very much.

Do you have to buy the glasses though ?

got 2 for Southampton - thanks

got 2 for Bluewater, cheers:D

Thank you! Can never seem to get any of these tickets though before they sell oyu boo lol


I'm in at Bristol....thanks m8.

Thanks got 2 for Bluewater. x


Do you have to buy the glasses though ?

When i saw shrek 3 in 3D (free via sky) we were given glasses to keep. think we'll be given glasses as least to borrow.

many thanks dot some for glasgow
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