free cinema tickets
free cinema tickets

free cinema tickets

hi all ive just found this, ive only just signed up so dont know how good it is but it boasts to offer at least 1 night out a week, so worth a try i reckon good luck


Hi, thanks for this just signed up.....I love the cinema and free tickets would be great :santa:

I signed up for this ages ago and they actually send out emails containing offers (affiliate links) to their subscribers. As a subscriber, you stand to win one of the 3 free cinema tickets that they give out each week.

Very unlikely to get the free tickets in my opinion.

Have a look at how it works
They spell Odeon as Odean

Email harvester ?

it's not worth it in my opinion, you just get a bunch of offers through email every week like cowboy says.

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sorry if this is the case

I agree, not a great offer. May be okay posted in Odds Are though loupomm. I have a googlemail address for spamming and entering competitions like this.

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