Free Cinema Tickets For Rango On 3rd March @ Show Film First
Free Cinema Tickets For Rango On 3rd March @ Show Film First

Free Cinema Tickets For Rango On 3rd March @ Show Film First

Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean films) directs this family animated adventure Rango, starring the voice of Johnny Depp as a family pet lizard on an adventure to discover his true self.
Rango is an actor who always wanted to play the hero and in the thirsty town of Dirt, he's finally found an audience who needs one. With a little help from the town's unique residents, Rango must uncover the conspiracy behind the missing water and save the day. It's the role of a lifetime but not without its risks.


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Brighton, Odeon - Available
Dudley, Odeon - Available
Glasgow Quay, Odeon - Sold Out
Kingston upon Thames, Odeon - Sold Out
Leeds/Bradford, Odeon - Sold Out
Liverpool ONE, Odeon - Sold Out
Manchester Printworks, Odeon - Sold Out
Marble Arch, Odeon - Sold Out
MetroCentre, Odeon - Sold Out
Wimbledon, Odeon - Sold Out

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This looks one funny old film (just need to wait for some available seats local now!) Good find!

Great. Just got tickets for Manchester. Heat added


Thanks! Heat

Bah wheres birmingham

Got mine for Leeds, just wish that they would do something about the state of this odeon........its so shody inside, the only time i ever go to this one is when I get free tickets!!

Some for Glasgow,cheers


2 for Metro , thanks:3

Thanks, looks like a fun film.

Thanks so much kids will love it.

missed glasgow

Check PM ukmonkey

Hope they add Bournemouth!

Again, this might be me being thick again, but what about the code? I can't see it in the OP and I haven't been emailed it

If you click the Link it takes you straight to the site.

Thank you. I'm looking on my phone, for some reason it doesn't work.

Had a look on the computer - no tickets near me Seen the trailer ages ago - looks good.

None left for glasgow....(

Hot for me thanks

No tickets left as from 3pm today.

Followed the link and it says Sorry, no tickets left

Does anyone know about American express showing this film?

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This is the American express one


This is the American express one

thank you

Where does American Expess show it ?
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