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Posted 13 September 2022

Free Cinema Tickets for the procession and funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II @ Vue

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As we continue to join the nation in mourning the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our thoughts are with the Royal Family and many others who will be saddened by her death.

The Queen was renowned for her support of the UK’s creative industries, having been patron of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, the Royal Variety Charity and the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund. Over the years, The Queen visited countless film organisations, supporting their efforts by highlighting the work they do.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II: Funeral and Procession

We will be screening the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in selected UK venues* on Monday, 19 September, live from 10am. Seats will be free of charge and our retail offering on this day will be limited to complimentary bottled water during the broadcast, with no other snacks or drinks available for purchase. On this day we will not be showing our normal programme of films.

Reserve your free seat for the funeral

In addition, we will also screen the London Procession in the majority of our UK venues on Wednesday, 14 September, live from 1:30pm. On this day all other screens will be open showing film content as normal.

Reserve your free seat for the procession

We look forward to coming together as a community to honour the remarkable life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
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    Seriously, surely if you were interested in watching it you'd be better in the comfort of your own home?
    Less gas & electricity used in the home on that day out.
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    Free bottles of water and heating for the day, why not?
    Do an extra shift at work, hopefully get bank holiday premia, if your employer isn't dumb enough to shut down for a funeral a minority will watch.
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    This is a wonderful idea, maybe Vue could ask for donations to a charity. X
  4. Avatar
    Plymouth vue not taking part?
    No Plymouth isn’t taking part
  5. Avatar
    Thank you for posting! Ticket booked
    You're welcome. My son's gutted, the day off school and I'm dragging him to the cinema to watch a funeral.
  6. Avatar
    Heat OP. Could be a good idea for people who live alone and feel they want to watch as a shared experience.
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  8. Avatar
    So, the cinema staff will have to work? Seems the respectful thing to do, is close the cinemas and watch at home. A bus or petrol into town will cost you a lot more than having the TV on.
    Lots of people who rely on overtime to feed their family are probably glad Vue aren't piling into "who can close the most stuff" competition. My limited knowledge of the Queen suggests she wasn't a Homebase customer and therefore wouldn't have given two figs about how they were disrespectfully open on a bank holiday.
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    Clever marketing after Odeon said it was closing
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    I think this is a great idea, people might want to get out of their homes, or are trying to save money by not using electric etc, and this way they can go to the cinema, might not be something many people can afford to do, and have a great experience of a day out almost like a treat. Taking snacks is also a great idea, shouldn’t cost money to people who haven’t got any but want to enjoy a cinema experience watching something important with other (hopefully) likeminded people. Also, if you really want to actually see the procession but can’t be there, then this has to be a great option. Heat from me 🔥 (edited)
    Yeah exactly. Obviously a funeral procession is hardly a festival atmosphere but being amongst people when you’re mourning someone is really meaningful. I’m not a fan of being sad in public lol but I’m sure a lot of people will find it really cathartic
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    its a pretty good thing to do
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    Not to take anything away from this deal, the poster or the cinemas but looking at this with my Suralan (The Apprentice) hat on, this is very clever of the cinemas.

    There was a news report last week stating box office figures are about 30% down compared to the same period pre-covid. The report mentioned that cinema attendance in the 55+ age group, amongst others, is proving one of the slowest to recover.

    I wonder how much of this is an attempt to coax people in that age group, who it could be argued tend to be pro-royal, to venture back to the cinema.

    EDIT: Forgot to add, heated. Shame there is no Vue near me. (edited)
    I am over 55 and went back to cinema at the first opportunity. I will watch at home and avoid the mass psychosis and people that can't hold there own pee
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    Shouldn't be doing this, they should be closed for the day.
  14. Avatar
    Very respectful. Heat
  15. Avatar
    Fully booked literally everywhere...
    To say all seats were booked, only about a sixth of the cinema had people in it. Disappointing for those that wanted to go but couldn't because there were no seats left. (edited)
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    Thank you OP heat added
  17. Avatar
    All this talk of saving on heating costs here and in the media nowadays - who the hell is putting the heating on in this weather?
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    Popcorn £10
    Sweets £4 a bag
    small coke £5
    our retail offering on this day will be limited to complimentary bottled water during the broadcast, with no other snacks or drinks available for purchase
  19. Avatar
    sugar i have only just seen this. If anyone has any London tickets I would be interested