Free Cinema Tickets - Water For Elephants - Sunday 1st May at 10am/10.30am @ Show Film First

Free Cinema Tickets - Water For Elephants - Sunday 1st May at 10am/10.30am @ Show Film First

Found 24th Apr 2011Made hot 24th Apr 2011
Free Cinema Tickets - Water For Elephants - Sunday 1st May at 10am/10.30am - from The Mail on Sunday

PROMO CODE 769951 redemption at - thanks for sandpiper for this info.

Participating VUE, EMPIRE & ODEON Cinemas -…pdf

thanks to quoia on mse for the info

Thanks to sandpiper for adding the code - it was early and i was dopey !


What's the code?


bit of a non deal until codes are provided, therefore marked as expired.


link fixed and working

Got tickets for Sheffield - thanks!

Got 2 for Greenwich, Thanks!

Brilliant, got 2 for Sheffield. Thanks !!!

Original Poster



thanks - sorry - didn't realise it needed a code - and it was early ! oO

Can someone advise : Do you need tp present the newspaper upon entry to the cinema. Thanks

I'm on a roll, thank you!!!

All them Cinema's and none near me, still hot!

thanks got 2 tickets.

Ah man, the first time I see a movie freebie with all venues available and I can go to one, but then I find out I'm busy that day. Would have cancelled the other Water For Elephants tickets for 27th and to go to this one!

Thank you so much. Loads of venues!

Fantastic got 2 for Lincoln

Many thanks just got my Bristol tickets. Brownie points scored!!
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excellent, Birmingham Great Park is my nearest cinema...thanks op

got 2 for angel islington, wohoo

Thanks got 2; heat added tickets...heat added....:)

tickets done
heat added done

Thanks -got two tickets for Sheffield

Would've got tickets if it wasn't half 10 in the morning!

Thanks. Heat added. Got a couple for Sunderland.

Got two. Thanks!

Heat added as a great deal and wow, seriously so many venues! Shame can't make this just because of the day it is posted.


thank you x any one know what age kids can go, ,my daughter is 13

Think it is PG13

Thanks op bank holiday treat at cost of petrol and lunch only


Ooooh, thank you!! It's in Lincoln...yay!

Thanks, got 2 for epsom!
Heard good things about it in the beyond the trailers review, so was interested anyway

Thanks, got tickets for Dundee. Not had a freebie screening in ages so well looking forward to this.

Thanks a lot, got my 2 for Lincoln. Not had any for Lincoln for ages so cheers!

2 for newcastle, taa!

Yaay Two Tix, Heat added!!!

Thanks - got 2 for Leicester

Thanks 2 for wimbledon

thankyou, got 2 for manchester printworks

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