Free Cinema Trip for Schools

Free Cinema Trip for Schools

Found 3rd Sep 2012
National Schools Film Week is a free, annual event for schools offering a wide programme of films selected in consultation with teachers. The festival enables all schools across the UK to take children to films at cinemas during the school day as part of their curriculum learning.

Best school trip, get your kids to badger their teachers to take them to the flicks.
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Thanks for sharing son will definately be badgering his teachers at primary school tomorrow
When i approached our school with this offer last year they said it was just not worth it, because of the cost of the coach and insurance etc. Shame - the worlds gone mad, kids get no school trips like we used to
Thanks for the info x
That's really good, I'd love to take my class, but the cost of the coach would over ride the fact that the tickets are free. Might contact a more local cinema to see if they can get involved!

Thanks for the heads up though!
nice little find, will inform that school and advise them to make the children walk to the cinema...
thanks, will book, heat addded
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