**FREE** Clear Blue Pregnany Kit
**FREE** Clear Blue Pregnany Kit

**FREE** Clear Blue Pregnany Kit

If you scroll down a little to the right hand side of the page click on the link for clear blue, its takes you to a registration page with terms and conditions.

It asks you no more than name, address and how long you have been trying for.

It says stock is limited and first come first served, so fingers crossed it might help some of you

Lisa x


Links not working?

ODNS logs this site as ad-ware... be careful!


firefox doesn't like that site either! thinks it's bad.


thanks, always handy to have one in the cabinet!

in the terms in conditions you give them the right to do what you want with your personal data including giving it to loads of company's even put it up on a bill board if they wanted.... dodgy site.

Hmm, complete a survey and may be chosen for a sample.

link not working ......

Clicking the clear blue box doesn't take to a registration page and can't see any way of getting a free kit... perhaps expired?

recieved mine yesterday....a clear blue pregnancy test with conception indicator

cant find anything on it!

does anyone know if this site is still online? as have been trying for 2 years & amdesperate but cant afford to buy one!!! thank you

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