Free Clipper Tea Sample Pack

Free Clipper Tea Sample Pack

Found 8th Jul 2011
Free sample pack of Clipper Teas when you join their club - the important bit is to tick the "tasting" box at the end. More tea vicar!?

"Join our club & become one of our tea tasters

If you’d like to know what we’re up to, including competitions and free samples then give us a few details below.

We will send a free clipper sample pack to everyone who joins our club and chooses to become a taster. Just make sure you give us your address and tick the tasting box at the end of this form.

Our monthly notes will keep you up to date with what’s happening here at Clipper. You will be first to hear about our new products and flavours. We’ll keep you updated on how the money from our Fairtrade contributions is spent alongside some great recipe ideas, fantastic competitions and offers."
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Free tea is the best tea. Now to find a free biscuit.
theres no "taster" box there, has it gone?
I got 10 tea bags last time!

theres no "taster" box there, has it gone?

I didn't notice that when I did it, I must have been on freebie-form auto-pilot! I think they must mean the box at the bottom about receiving a Green Tea sample as well.
Thanks for sharing

Welshy x
I got my pack of 10 t-bags. Green tea is not my favourite but it is good green tea.
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