Free Clipper Tea Samples
Free Clipper Tea Samples

Free Clipper Tea Samples

Offer has come live again.

We're giving away a FREE Clipper sample to everyone who joins our club and chooses to become a taster. Just make sure you add your address and tick the tasting box at the end of this form.


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Sorry will get moved to freebies

I joined this a while back but freebie never materialised. I won't vote either way coz I'm a newbie (not too sure what I'm doing yet lol) but just wanted to share.

Got the samples, and impressed, bought pack of tea bags too. They are good. Hot etc.


thank you.

Mine arrived today.....and a 50p off next purchase

Ten tea bags arrived yesterday, and very nice they are too.

Got mine few days ago, get 10 bags and 50p off coupon, thanks.

Thanks, looks good, will give a go
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